Ecolution Group’s vision is to fight against climate change to create a safe, green environment for us and our future generations.


Our mission is to ‘Ecolutionise’ the UK energy market by converting homes and businesses into renewable energy power stations as part of a sustainable solution to climate change. We will maintain and monitor those renewable solutions to maximise their life span and keep our world green.


Sustainable Development

We will ensure that our approach to business always has a sustainable vision – which includes but is not limited to:

  • Being socially responsible

  • Promoting sustainable solutions

  • Create awareness on climate change and the impact it is creating

  • Holistic approach to sustainability

People and Environment

We will encourage a sustainable vision to our clients and communities - which includes but is not limited to:

  • Being environmentally responsible

  • Being transparent with our clients and communities

  • Improving the lives of the communities we operate in, to create sustainable, safe living conditions.

  • Driven by Integrity in all our relationships


 #JOINTHEECOLUTION is a revolutionary new movement designed to turn every home and building in the UK into a virtual, green power station.


Our team are dedicated to delivering an excellent customer journey through a strong customer service philosophy and extensive skills and experience in renewable energy. 

We understand that residents want their repairs completed quickly, conveniently and correctly.  We believe that everyone deserves a great quality service and are committed to getting it right the first time.  Our residents are important to us and we welcome feedback taking time to listen to their needs and striving to help find solutions.

We invest heavily in training our people giving them the skills to deliver a first-class service.  Our qualified engineers have first hand experience working across renewable energy technologies and guarantee to go the extra mile to get your services restored.

Our dedicated team of engineers are trained at our BPEC accredited, in-house training facility on a variety of renewable and energy efficient technologies.

We at Ecolution believe that quality training for future generations of engineers will ensure consistency of high quality service as well as longevity of the industry and renewable asset portfolios.

We want to give every home and business owner the choice to generate and store their own power at a highly affordable price – and it’s set to transform the energy market.

Founded in 1999, the Ecolution Group provides renewable energy and maintenance services and solutions to the social, residential and commercial sectors the Ecolution Group we are an award-winning leader in maintenance and installation of renewable and energy efficient technologies and one of the most experienced and fastest growing organisations of its kind in the UK. 

As a business, we are at the forefront of technology, helping our clients to monitor and control their environmental impact as well as save money through the use of alternative energy efficient technologies.

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