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What is Battery Storage?

Battery storage units are now readily available to the UK market and will play a big part in combating fuel poverty in the years to come. They are used to store solar generated power throughout the day and will discharge when the demand for the property’s electricity is required, perhaps after the sun goes down and additional lighting is required. Batteries are also becoming popular with installations where EV Charging points are present so that power stored throughout the day can be discharged to your electric vehicles in the evenings and overnight.

Why install Battery Storage?

These units also have the ability to draw grid power during hours when the tariff is at its lowest (On an hourly variable rate) and then be used in the property as an when required, during times when the tariff is at its highest.

As with Solar PV any additional demand for electricity that cannot be supplied by the battery will be drawn from the national grid. However, a correctly sized battery unit should ensure that all power required can be supplied for the unit.

Battery storage is an ideal addition to any solar system installed within a communal block. They should be considered with any retrofitting scheme where either communal electricity bills or tenants electricity bills are above the national average.

Ecolution have been working with Tesla, Hycube, Moixa and other leading European and Worldwide manufactures to help develop batteries suitably priced for the UK social housing market. Our technical team have a wealth of knowledge enabling us to advise and specify correctly sized units for forthcoming projects, to provide maximum benefit for our clients for the years to come.

Energy storage has the ability to help transform a business’s energy spend by generating savings from changing what they consume from the grid to avoid the high costs associated with peak time.

The systems can generate revenue from helping to balance the grid, provide instantaneous backup energy for critical processes to improve power quality and protect against power cuts, and remove these impacts on business processes. Also for businesses who already have on-site generation, it will allow you to utilise more of your own generation and use less energy from the grid.

Not only that but it gives businesses more control over their energy use, allowing you to cut costs on-site and generate revenues. However, as the energy landscape changes businesses with energy storage on their site will have an asset that is extremely flexible to take advantage of new income opportunities or change when they consume energy

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Why maintain Battery Storage?

It is important to monitor and maintain your energy storage system to ensure it is not only operating at optimum levels but also ensure no issues occur. As energy storage systems can store high volumes of electricity within lithium-ion batteries it is important to ensure these are operating safely and reliably as a simple issue could quite quickly turn into a bigger problem. Most systems already have a built-in safety mechanism in the event of a system issue, however, it is still important to have these regularly monitored and serviced as no matter how well you may look after your system unexpected issues can still arise.

It is also important as most battery storage manufacturers warranties are only upheld if you can prove that you regularly maintain your energy storage system.

As we move more towards electrical power to become more sustainable and with things like electric vehicles becoming even more popular, it is expected that properties electricity demands are likely to only increase. Through regular monitoring and maintenance of battery storage systems, energy advisors can track growing electricity demands and advise on upgrades helping customers to maximise their savings.