186.77 kWp Solar PV systems installed across multiple homes in Berkshire.

Ecolution are currently in the process of installing a total of 186.77 kWp solar photovoltaic systems across multiple homes, perfectly situated in the Berkshire countryside at Arborfield Green.

The development is comprised of one and two-bedroom apartments as well as two, three, four and five bedroom houses. Arborfield Green combines the best of town and country living into one place, providing an idyllic community environment surrounded by exquisite landscapes.

Minimising environmental impacts is a key factor in any projects carried out by these contractors, with smart energy being at the core of their environmental policies and is supported via an annual sustainability report produced every year, where they measure and publish their Carbon Footprint. The developers specifically chose solar photovoltaic systems to help to reduce energy demands whilst minimising the impact on the surrounding areas.

Ecolution won the contract with the developers, where we designed, supplied and installed solar photovoltaic across 54 houses and 6 apartment blocks using In-roof mounting on the houses and some apartment buildings with lead flashing and self-ballast flat roof systems installed on the other apartment blocks. All of the panels used across the site were 250W mono to ensure a smart and stylish finish to their modern homes using both micro and string inverters.

Following a change in site team, we went over and above our usual remit to ensure the process was as smooth as possible for the developers from providing extra marketing resources to being able to produce a two-day turn-around when our normal lead time is two weeks. We have also gone on to win the second phase of the Arborfield project which will consist of 38.7 kWp across five apartment blocks.

The solar photovoltaic systems at Arborfield Green are now collectively producing 167,345.92 kWh of free electricity per year and reducing the resident’s carbon footprint by 88,525.99 kg per year.

“Your communication with our development has been second to none and one we could not do without. From us all at Arborfield site team we applaud and thank you for the service to date and going forward.”

Quick Stats

System Size
186.77 kWp

Free Electricity
167,345.92 kWh

CO2 Savings
88,525.99 kg