Ballard School

50 kWp Solar PV system installed on the Ballard School in New Milton.

Ballard School in New Milton, Hampshire has recently had two solar photovoltaic systems installed by Ecolution. The solar arrays, on both the Sports Hall and the Performing Arts Centre, are rated at 30 kWp and 20 kWp respectively.

The two systems will generate over 48,000 kWh of free, renewable energy each year and with the added benefit of the income from the Government’s Feed-in Tariff scheme, the school’s annual electricity costs will be reduced by almost a third. The Solar PV will create an additional income of over £200,000 during the next 20 years, providing additional funds for other projects that will benefit both current and future generations of Ballard School pupils.

In addition to the financial advantages, the renewable energy generated will help to offset over 25,000kg of CO2 emissions each year, contributing to the school’s commitment of reducing its impact on the environment. The Solar PV will also become a great educational tool, helping to teach pupils about the environment and climate change, as well as where energy comes from and why it is important to minimise the use of depleting natural resources.

The Solar PV package also included an extensive operational and mechanical maintenance package, giving peace of mind that any faults will be promptly corrected by Ecolution’s Energy Services Aftercare team.

Ecolution has also installed an energy display within the school, providing live generation information from the Solar PV systems and putting it into perspective with statistics such as “how many hours of television” could be watched with the electricity generated since installation.

The installation on the performing arts centre uses 250W polycrystalline modules mounted within the roof structure; this keeps the system very low profile to the roof structure and avoids any weathering risk associated with conventional solar PV ‘on roof’ brackets.

Ecolution are gold suppliers to the Independent Schools Association and an introduction to Ballard School was first made in May 2014 at the annual ISA conference where Ballard School won the ISA Excellence award.

Quick Stats

System Size
50 kWp

Free Electricity
48,000 kWh

CO2 Savings