Bracton Centre

40.5 kWp Solar PV system installed at the Bracton Centre in Kent.

Ecolution installed a 40.5 kWp, Solar PV system at the Bracton Centre, Kent in December 2014.

The Bracton Centre is a medium security hospital part of Oxleas NHS which provides a range of specialist forensic mental health services for people aged 18-65 living within the boroughs of Bromley, Bexley, Greenwich and Lewisham or other boroughs when requested. The Bracton centre is made up of six clinical units and has approximately 90 service users, offering assessment, treatment and rehabilitation for patients.

For this Solar PV installation on a pitched roof, we used CSUN 250w polycrystalline modules and K2 mounting system.

The Bracton Centre have strict security procedures which have to be followed at all times by personnel entering the premises, this is due to the category of patients that are cared for at the centre. Therefore this wasn’t a straight forward installation for Ecolution, as allot of co-ordination and co-operation was needed prior to installing the Solar PV system. Our installation team had to attend a be-brief by staff at The Bracton Centre, to go through all procedures and protocol that had to be followed before entering the site. When on site Ecolution staff had to also wear identification badges at all times and had 24 hour Bracton Centre escort. The escort was there to allow our staff access to various areas of the premises, for security reasons but they were also there to ensure the safety of both our staff and the patients.

Ecolution also had to ensure that any tools and materials taken onto site were all accounted for and that nothing was left lying around for security reasons, meaning the installation had to run as strictly and smoothly as possible.

With NHS tight budgets The Bracton Centre was looking to streamline their costs without compromising the service they provide. Which is why it made sense for them to turn to Solar PV to reduce energy bills. Since the installation the Bracton Centre is producing 34,425 kWh of free electricity per year with 18,210.83 C0₂ savings of kg.

Quick Stats

System Size

Free Electricity
34,425kWh per yr

CO2 Savings
18,210.83 kg