Central Park

225 kWp Solar PV systems installed on Central Park Leisure Centre in Rainham, Essex.

Ecolution installed a total of 225kWp of Solar Photovoltaic retrofit systems on Central Park Leisure Centre situated in Rainham, Essex which is owned by Havering London Borough Council.

The London Borough of Havering want to be the leaders in action for the environment, and have been working with partners to achieve growth, development and better lives for the community while minimising its carbon footprint. They have been achieving this through educating their tenants, reducing both energy and fuel use of the Council, improving the energy efficiency of housing in the borough, and also promoting renewable energy. They also encourage greener travel in the borough, and ensure development within Havering takes into consideration its impact on climate change.

Ecolution also installed a large Solar PV system at Central Park Leisure Centre which is a sports & health centre for the community offering a wide range of facilities under one roof. As well as an outdoor multi-use games area, exercise studios, crèche and sport hall, there is also a health suite, gym, swimming pools and even a spa with sauna and steam room facilities. For this Solar PV installation, we used 250w polycrystalline modules and a K2 on-roof mounting system.

This retrofit project is a great example of how solar PV is helping councils create a more sustainable community with the added benefits of electricity savings and also additional income from the Feed-in Tariff. It has helped the council streamline costs so that funds can be better spent elsewhere within the community. It is a great use of what would have otherwise been wasted roof space which now helps reduce the carbon footprint and fuel poverty for this area.

The solar PV system at central park is generating approximately 201,600 kWh of free electricity per year with C0₂ savings of 106,646.40 Kg.

Quick Stats

System Size
225 kWp

Free Electricity
201,600 kWh

CO2 Savings
106,646.40 kg