Costco Wembley

45 kWp Solar PV systems installed multiple apartments in Lewisham, London.

Ecolution installed a 45 kWp solar photovoltaic system at a brand new Costco store for builders in Wembley, London.
Costco are continually growing their presence within the UK, including being their new Wembley store just a stone’s throw away from Wembley Stadium. With all of their new developments, they aim to bring new levels of innovation for sustainable practices which is why it was important to incorporate renewable technologies where they can. Costco values the environment which is why they also try to minimise their impact by reducing their carbon footprint each year to help combat climate change.

Solar PV was the renewable technology of choice for this particular project as it was quick and easy to install but also utilised what would have otherwise been wasted roof space.

Ecolution designed and installed a flat roof solar photovoltaic system at the 140,000 square foot store. We used 250W polycrystalline panels and a Van Der Valk self-ballasting system to compensate for the wind load on the roof without having to penetrate the roof.

This commercial new build solar photovoltaic installation for Costco is now producing 38,250 kWh of free electricity for the store each year. As they operate during daylight hours they will make the most of their renewable assets as they are likely to use 100% of the electricity they produce which will reduce their energy bills for years to come. This renewable solar PV system is also helping them to reduce their carbon footprint as they are saving approximately 20,234.25 kg of C0₂ emissions per annum.

In order to make the most out of renewable systems, they must be regularly monitored and maintained which is why we included an operations and maintenance package for Costco. We installed smart metering solutions which provide half-hourly generation data and diagnostic information to ensure that the solar system is always performing as it should. If for any reason they are not this is flagged to us as soon as it occurs meaning we can reactively rectify the issue, minimising any losses for the business.

Quick Stats

System Size
45 kWp

Free Electricity
38,250 kWh

CO2 Savings
20,234.25 kg