Hammersmith Grove

35.316 kWp Solar PV systems installed across multiple apartments in London.

Ecolution installed a 35.316 kWp solar photovoltaic system, across a new build block of residential flats with contractor’s United Living and Notting Hill Housing Association, situated in London.

This was the first of three projects partnered by Ecolution and United Living, who are one of the UK’s leading design and build contractors operating in the new build housing sector.

Notting Hill Housing Association who own the apartments are one of London’s largest property developers, they are one of the most experienced, innovative and financially secure housing associations in the UK. They develop high-quality homes and sustainable communities that are designed to last. Their developments reflect their progressive attitude to design, the environment and new ways of living.

Behind the design of these modern stylish 1 and 2 bedroom apartments were high standards for sustainability which included offsetting 15 tons of carbon dioxide emission per annum, this was a challenge especially due to the limited roof space for this scheme. This is a quite a common challenge we come across with London based projects.

In order to meet the targets set, we selected the highest performing solar PV modules available at the time which were Sunpower 327W panels. We also installed externally mounted IP rated Growatt inverters onto the flat roof area and the system was connected to the landlord’s communal supply. The solar PV array was mounted on a self-weighted ballast system with local wind loading calculations considered. We also installed smart generation meetings allowing the owners of the building to remotely monitor the solar PV array’s daily performance.

The solar photovoltaic system at Hammersmith Grove is now producing a total of 30,018.60 kWh of free electricity for the housing association residents each year saving them money on their electricity bills for years to come. It is also offsetting approximately 15,879.84 kg of C0₂ savings per annum.

Quick Stats

System Size
35.316 kWp

Free Electricity
30,018.60 kWh

CO2 Savings
15,879.84 kg