Fairview & Annington Landlords

39.75 kWp Solar PV systems installed across multiple apartments in Balham, London.

In July 2015, Ecolution installed a total of 39.75 kWp Solar PV output across blocks A to E Limerick close in Balham, London for Fairview New Homes Limited.

Fairview Homes began to renovate the run down flats in Limerick Close, just off Atkins Road in early 2014. They stripped out and rejuvenated the existing buildings, to create a range of contemporary new apartments. Whilst they were rejuvenating the old flats, Fairview were also building another new block, creating a total of 45 refurbished and 29 new homes. This development consists of 1, 2 and 3 bedroom apartments which were awarded the marketing name of Revival, reflecting Fairview’s aspirations for the site, which it has lived up to.

After completion of works, Fairview sold the solar PV back to Ecolution and granted a 20 year lease of the space above the roof which was approved by RBS the mortgage provider, to allow access for maintenance and a right for the panels to remain on the roof. With Ecolution owning the systems the tenants and freeholder Annington Landlords can continue to benefit from using the free electricity the system produces during the day at no charge but without the hassle of looking after it.

These Solar Photovoltaic systems are now monitored and maintained by our aftercare team. We installed smart meters at all of the blocks in Limerick Close, giving us remote access to half-hourly generation data and diagnostic information. This technology allows us to view the systems performance and are alerted if any faults arise, which would otherwise go unnoticed. This means our engineers can attend site and fix any issues as soon they occur, minimising any losses of free electricity for the us, the freeholder and the tenants.

This great installation is now producing 33,787.50 kWh of free electricity per year, these blocks are also reducing their carbon footprint with C0₂ savings of 17,873.59 kg per annum.

Quick Stats

System Size

Free Electricity
33,787.50kWh per yr

CO2 Savings
17,873.59 kg