International Press Centre

27.805 kWp Solar PV systems installed for the new International Press Centre in London.

Ecolution installed two solar photovoltaic systems totalling 27.805 kWp for the new International Press Centre situated in London.

Richard Seifert’s London Press Centre building in Shoe Lane was originally built in 1972 and has now been replaced with the brand new modern, elegantly designed 17 storey International Press Centre. The tower is 71m high with 30,000 square meters of office space and 540 square meters of retail space including basement parking and underground reservoir.

Ecolution were delighted to be appointed the solar photovoltaic contract for this rare and unique project. The project required a specialist solar PV system design due to the unusual sloping and curved style of the roof itself, meaning the aesthetics of the system had to be a top priority as it would be visible from ground level. We therefore specified and installed 335W high efficiency all-black monocrystalline panels, giving a great black finish to the roof whilst also utilising space to ensure maximum energy generation for the entire building.

The unusual shape of the roof area provided a new challenge whereby dummy panels were necessary as part of the system design to ensure there were no unfinished edges. This is because the unique architectural design of the roof space meant that regular sized photovoltaic panels would not have covered the entire roof therefore these gaps needed to be filled with bespoke sized dummy panels finishing off the look.

We installed all the panels on a Sunfixings framing system which had to be mechanically fixed to the steel work due to the high wind calculations. The inverters were roof mounted hidden behind the PV panels keeping the aesthetics in mind. Due to most of the system being situated on the roof space which is not easily accessible, we installed an internal emergency shut off switch as well as full arc fault protection providing additional safety to the electrics of the solar PV system.

The solar photovoltaic systems at the International Press Centre are now collectively producing on average 24,913.28 kWh of FREE electricity each year, whilst also reducing the buildings carbon footprint by 13,179.125 kg of C0₂ emissions per annum.

Quick Stats

System Size
27.805 kWp

Free Electricity
24,913.28 kWh

CO2 Savings
13,179.125 kg