Massey Close

Ecolution installed Mechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery systems within new build residential properties at Massey Close.

Ecolution installed Mechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery systems within new build residential properties at Massey Close, situated in Maidstone, Kent, working alongside a well-known house builder and local housing association.

The housing association are committed to supporting the development of sustainable communities and making a real difference to the quality of life of their residents. They are helping to meet this vision through integrating new and existing homes with various types renewable technologies which not only help reduce their carbon footprint but most importantly help illuminate fuel poverty for their low-income residents. Which is why for this project it was of key focus to integrate a renewable system which would not only benefit residents but also protect the lifetime of their assets.

New build developments now have to meet high standards when it comes to air-tight construction in order to improve the properties energy efficiency. However, that can mean poor indoor air quality causing condensation which can lead to damp and mould throughout the property.

For the properties at Massey close these factors were taken into consideration which is why the builder decided to go with a whole home ventilation system like MVHR as it is easy to install and integrate with the property design but also helped the project achieve a high score in SAP Q and helped them to comply with building regulations Part F & L.

We worked closely with the architects and builders from design and specification of the MVHR to ensure a competitively priced installation without having to compromise on the system quality which is why we went with the trusted and recognised brand Nuaire. We coordinated the installation with all tradespersons on site to ensure a smooth and timely install. We finally commissioned the systems and provided a complete handover including Operations and Maintenance Manuals containing all system information.

To date, the MVHR systems at Massey Close are helping to reduce resident monthly utility bills and also protecting the building from damp and mould. Ecolution are now providing both planned and reactive maintenance for the MVHR systems guaranteeing their efficiency and performance and prolonging the lifetime of the systems.

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