Pretoria Road

42.75 kWp Solar PV systems installed across multiple new residential houses in Surrey.

Ecolution worked alongside two house builders during the 2 phase development of Pretoria Road, situated in Chertsey, Surrey. We worked across 26 houses and 1 large block of flats made up of 90 apartments. Ecolution installed a total of 42.75 kWp solar photovoltaic systems across both the houses and flats and a 90-panel solar hot water system just on the apartment block.

Explore living and A2 dominion both focus on their commitment to building ‘Sustainable Homes’ which is why they chose to use three types of renewable technology including solar PV, solar thermal and mechanical ventilation heat recovery.

The projects demanded an aesthetically pleasing result whilst also ensuring that all residents benefited from lower energy bills. Therefore, Ecolutions’ installation team designed and fitted Perlight monocrystalline all black solar PV panels on an in-roof mounting system across the houses to blend in with the black slate tiles. We also used Growatt inverters throughout. The private residents at Pretoria Road are collectively benefitting from 36,337.50 kWh of free electricity per annum and have 19,222.54 kg of C0₂ savings each year.

We designed and installed an evacuated tube collector solar hot water system for the block of flats at Pretoria Road. The reason for this was even though these types of panels are not as aesthetically pleasing, they were installed on a flat roof and therefore wouldn’t be visible from ground level, and therefore we didn’t have to compromise on efficiency. The flat plate systems do look better however they don’t provide the yields that an evacuated tube collector system does. This decision meant that the residents at Pretoria are now benefiting from between 50 to 60% of their hot water being supplied by their solar system each year, saving them money on their utility bills and helping them cut their carbon footprint.

We installed smart metering solutions for the properties with solar PV which has meant all the private residents are now signed up to our remote monitoring and maintenance services. The smart meters provide our maintenance team with half-hourly generation data and diagnostic information to ensure that all of their solar systems are always performing as they should. If for any reason they are not, this is immediately flagged to Ecolution, minimising any losses. Each private resident has their own bespoke portal where they can log in via any web browser to also see this live data. Ecolution has 5-year contracts with residents to now not only provide planned preventative maintenance for the solar photovoltaic, solar hot water systems both installed by us but we also maintain the mechanical ventilation heat recovery systems which were installed by other contractors.

Quick Stats

System Size
42.75 kWp

Free Electricity
36,337.50 kWh

CO2 Savings
19,222.54 kg