Ramsgate Road

127 kWp Solar PV systems installed across multiple new residential houses in Broadstairs.

Ecolution installed a total of 127 kWp of solar photovoltaic systems across multiple 2, 3, 4 and 5 bedroom houses for contractors in Broadstairs, Kent.

The new homes at Ramsgate Road are situated in a picturesque town with historic charm, just walking distance from the beautiful blue flag sandy beaches. Being established new build residential developers based in Hertfordshire, the developers had to meet the Code for Sustainable Homes for the development at Ramsgate Road. They chose to go with solar photovoltaic systems as it was a quick and easy renewable technology to install but also meant the utilisation of what would have otherwise been wasted roof space.

The builders wanted solar PV systems installed that would not affect the aesthetic look of the home but were also at a competitive price so that it wouldn’t affect the sale price of the home.

Ecolution designed and installed solar PV systems for this range of delightful and attractive homes using 250W polycrystalline solar panels on an easy-roof in-roof mounting system allowing the panels to sit flush with the roof tiles. We also chose to go with the Growatt Mini inverters as these take up minimal loft space.

These solar photovoltaic systems not only helped the developers meet their code for sustainable homes but also provide long term benefits to the residents as they can now use the free electricity generated during the day which will reduce their energy bills for years to come.

The solar photovoltaic systems installed at Ramsgate Road are now collectively producing 107,950 kWh of free electricity each year for the private residents and reducing their carbon footprint with C0₂ savings of 57,105.55 kg per annum.

We now provide remote monitoring and maintenance for the solar PV systems at Ramsgate Road. The smart metering solutions installed at each property provide half-hourly generation data and diagnostic information to ensure that the solar systems are always performing as they should. If for any reason they are not then this is flagged to us as soon as it occurs meaning we can reactively rectify the issue, minimising and losses for the residents. Each home owner also receives access to Ecolution’s bespoke portal to view like generation data and energy savings.

Quick Stats

System Size
127 kWp

Free Electricity
107,950 kWh

CO2 Savings
57,105.55 kg