A to Z Catering

#A to Z Catering
Ecolution installed a large 150 kWp, retrofit solar photovoltaic system at A to Z Catering, situated in Cranford Way, London.

A to Z catering was first established in 1999, and is now one of the fastest growing cash and carry, food distribution companies in the industry.

The building has a continuous electricity demand due to powering refrigeration equipment 24/7. A to Z use well in excess of 132,000kWh, which the system is projected to generate each year, therefore 100% of the produced electricity will be consumed onsite, with 0% being exported to the national grid.

Ecolution’s technical team had several challenges to overcome one of which was during the design stage as structural surveys revealed potential weight-loading issues. The building is also located next to a main railway line which meant extra care was needed during installation.

Ecolution designed a bespoke light-weight system to overcome these potential weight-loading issues ensuring the maximum system benefits were not compromised as well as using 250w polycrystalline panels and Growatt 18000 UE inverters.

With the building being located next to a railway line, extra care was needed to prevent any items such as packaging from falling onto the line. This was not a problem as Ecolution have previous experience in working close to national rail property and adhering the relevant regulations.

Ecolution included a full 5 year operational and mechanical maintenance package worth in excess of £7,000 which includes monitoring and unlimited callouts with no charges for parts or labour.

The projected 25 year income from the system via the feed-in tariff and energy savings is over £1,000,000 representing a 17.5% Internal Rate of Return. A to Z Catering’s solar PV system is now saving them approximately over 69,828 kg of CO2 emissions each year.

Quick Stats

System Size


Free Electricity

132,000kWh per yr

CO2 Savings