Birling Farm

48.45 kWp Solar PV system installed at Briling Farm in Kent

Ecolution installed a 48.45kWp Solar PV system on a grain store at Birling Farm in Kent, with the objective of subsidising the store’s high energy consumption during the summer months. The store acts as a drying room during the summer with large fans and heating equipment in constant use.

Ecolution’s technical team had several challenges to overcome during the design stage; such as maximising the power output of the system as well as ensuring that the environment of a working grain store would not have a negative impact on the performance of the array.

High-efficiency WINAICO 255w modules were specified. These increased wattage panels not only helped to maximise the power that is generated but also meant that the system was perfectly symmetrical and more aesthetically pleasing. These panels were mounted onto a K2 on-roof mounted framing system and we also installed SMA 17000 TL inverters.

The procedure of drying grain with the use of large heaters and fans results in an increase of airborne particles. For this reason, bespoke sealed inverters needed to be installed to prevent dust from hampering their efficiency.

The projected 20-year income from the solar PV system at Birling Farm via the feed-in tariff and energy savings is over £167,000, representing a 15.7% Internal Rate of Return. The system is now approximately saving the farm over 22.5 metric tonnes of C02 emissions per annum.

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