Clay Farm

163.40 kWp Solar PV system installed across multiple properties in Greater London

Ecolution installed a total of 163.40 kWp solar photovoltaic output across multiple private and Housing association apartment blocks and houses, in New Cross Gate, Greater London.

These RIBA national award winning homes, feature traditional designs, stunning interiors and iconic award-winning architecture reflecting way in which we live today. This contemporary collection of 1, 2 and 3 bedroom apartments and 2, 4 and 5 bedroom houses are located within the ultimate urban village of Great Kneighton. Clay farm is situated approximately 3 miles from Cambridge city centre and adjacent to a new 120 acre Country Park. The community incorporates the facilities essential to daily life to create a sustainable, compact and vibrant mixed-use community.

This stunning new build development incorporates environmentally friendly features throughout both the properties and community itself ranging from solar PV, mechanical ventilation heat recovery systems, energy efficient lighting and glazing, water butts and compost bins, insulated walls and flooring and even A-rated appliances throughout.

Some of the properties at Clay Farm are owned by Bedford Pilgrims Housing association who believe that the future of Bedford Borough must be founded on sustainable principles, which is why they have a big focus on being ‘Greener’. They emphasise on supporting a high quality natural and built environment which is valued and enjoyed by all; which encourages biodiversity and supports the development of a low carbon community. This was one of the reasons why Solar PV was chosen not only to help the builder meet requirements but also to meet the needs of the future residents.

For this new build residential development, we designed a variety of systems for various roof types using a range of high quality products to best suit each type of building. For the on roof systems which included the houses we used 250w all-black monocrystalline panels to ensure the aesthetic look of the properties were not compromised. For the apparent blocks we designed a flat roof system using 250w polycrystalline panels as these cannot be seen from ground level, so we were able to save on cost but no compromise on efficiency. For the apartment blocks we used our own bespoke product ‘Ecowedge’, made from recycled tyres. We chose this type of mounting system not only for its eco-friendly appeal but also because it is self-ballasting meaning no need to drill holes in the roof.

Solar PV is not only helping this new build residential community reduce their carbon footprint and helping to tackle climate change, it is also an affordable home for the future. The Solar PV means residents are able to use the free electricity generated during day light hours which in turn reduces their energy bills for years to come. This was a key for Bedford Pilgrims as they have many low income tenants, so renewable homes are a way of supporting them with their long-term household running costs.

The solar photovoltaic systems are now monitored and maintained by our aftercare company Ecolution Energy Services. We installed smart meters, giving us remote access to half-hourly generation data and diagnostic information. We are able to view the systems performance and are alerted if any faults arise, which would otherwise go unnoticed. This means our engineers can attend site and fix any issues as soon they occur, minimising any losses for the business.

The solar photovoltaic systems at Clay Farms are now producing 138,890 kWh of free electricity per year for both the private and social housing residents. Collectively there are also C0₂ savings of 73,472.81 kg per annum.

Quick Stats

System Size

Free Electricity
138,890kWh per yr

CO2 Savings
73,472.81 kg