Hainault Reservoir

148.25 kWp Solar PV system installed across 3 blocks of flats in Essex.

Ecolution installed a total of 148.25 kWp Solar PV output across multiple new build houses and 3 blocks of flats, for Middlesex based building contractors and a local Housing Association, in Ilford, Essex.

Ecolution were award best contractors on site by the well-known house builders for our engineer’s excellent work and co-ordination for the project. They carried out the installation in a timely manner and to a high standard, reflecting the vision of high quality properties for the development.

This new build site has 79 new homes on the old recovered reservoir site, which include 1 and 2 bedroom apartments within the 3 blocks of flats and 2, 3 and 4 bedroom houses. This new development is now called Bridgeways and is situated in a suburban area, bordering the east by Hainault Forest Country Park and the boundary of the Epping Forest District of Essex.
At this Middlesex based builders, sustainability influences all aspects of building new homes, from design to ensure optimal use of the land for the production of energy efficient apartments and houses to reduce carbon emissions and unnecessary use of natural resources. Their focus is the creation of low to medium cost housing that are affordable in the long term. This is also echoed by housing associations, as owning properties with renewables technologies such as Solar PV means reduced energy bills in the long term for their low income tenants.

Ecolution won the installation of Solar Photovoltaic panels for this development, we used 250W polycrystalline panels on an on-roof mounting system with Growatt inverters.

As these houses are both privately owned and some owned by a local Housing Association, affordable homes were the main focus for this new build site, meaning that they needed to provide a solution for cheaper long term living costs for the residents. This is why Solar PV was chosen as it provides residents of Hainault Reservoir with free electricity during the day which reduces their energy bills for years to come. This was a massive selling point for not only the housing association as they have many low income residents so this helps them to illuminate fuel poverty. For private buyers this makes the properties even more desirable as it is a home for the future, lower energy bills and it reduces their carbon footprint.

These Solar Photovoltaic systems at Hainault Reservoir are now producing in total 126,012.50 kWh of free electricity per year for both private and Housing Association residents. They also collectively have C0₂ savings of 66,660.61 kg per annum.

Quick Stats

System Size

Free Electricity
126,012.50kWh per yr

CO2 Savings
66,660.61 kg