381.15 kWp Solar PV system installed across multiple homes in Essex.

Since 2011, Ecolution has to date installed a total of 381.15 kWp solar photovoltaic systems across 3 phases on new residential houses, with design and build contractors, in Colchester, Essex.

The former Servalls hospital was closed in 1997 and was left to decay, until plans were agreed for a huge scale redevelopment of the former Hospital site, into new housing which finally got approval in 2011 and is still ongoing today. This land originally formed part of the Asylum’s farm, the site itself is located to the east of the main hospital buildings. There are 1500 homes being built at Severalls, ranging from one and two bedroom apartments, as well as two, three and four bedroom houses.

The design and build contractors for Severalls integrate sustainability into their core business which focus on the social, economic and environmental delivery. Crest Nicholson aim to minimise their impact on the environment by looking for ways to enhance local biodiversity and enable more sustainable lifestyle choices for their customers. They do this by ensuring that they design quality and sustainability into their new homes and its surroundings.

For Severalls, the builders wanted to integrate their sustainability model through Solar Photovoltaic systems but not compromise on the aesthetic look of the homes. This was one of the reasons why they awarded Ecolution the contract for all phases on the site due to our in-roof mounting system design using C21e Photovoltaic tiles which blend nicely with new homes roof tiling.

With the integration of Solar Photovoltaic systems these properties are now producing free electricity for the residents which they can use during the day, reducing their electricity bills for years to come. It is also a long term solution to help eradicate fuel poverty which is another key value for the builders.
The Solar systems at Severalls, are now producing in total 323,977.50 kWh of free electricity per year for the residents. They also collectively have C0₂ savings of 171,384.09 kg per annum.

Quick Stats

System Size

Free Electricity
323,977.50kWh per yr

CO2 Savings
171,384.09 kg