St Stephens Walk

9.5 kWp Solar PV system installed at a care home in West Kent.

Ecolution installed 9.5 kWp, Solar Photovoltaic system at a new build care home at St Stephens Walk, Ashford, Kent in 2015. This is the first of seven new care homes being built across Kent with design and build contractors and West Kent Housing.

The builders for St Stephens Walk believe “Cutting carbon should be everyone’s business”, which is why they try to minimise their environmental impact and carbon footprint on their operations to ensure long term sustainability of the products and services they provide. West Kent housing are also dedicated to long term solution to affordable homes for their low income residents which is why they too felt solar PV would best meet their requirements for these seven new care homes.

All seven new care homes will have solar PV, with system sizes ranging from 6kW to 25kW, using 250W polycrystalline solar panels on a K2 on-roof mounting system. Ecolution worked closely with the builders to ensure a quick turnaround from installation to the registration of the solar system, to secure them with the higher Feed-In Tariff rate before the government cuts in January 2016.

This Solar PV system means that West Kent Housing and their residents in the care home will benefit from free day time electricity which reduces their overall energy bills for years to come. Whilst the design and build contractors are the solar system owners meaning they have a guaranteed income from the system for 20 years through the Feed-In Tariff.

St Stephens walk and the other 6 care homes due to be built are a great example of how solar PV can benefit everyone from electricity savings to Feed-in Tariff income. It is a great use of what would have otherwise been wasted roof space which now helps reduce their carbon footprint and fuel poverty. This solar PV system at St Stephens Walk is generating approximately 8,075kWh of free electricity per year with C0₂ savings of 4,271.68 Kg.

Quick Stats

System Size

Free Electricity
8,075kWh per yr

CO2 Savings
4,271.68 Kg