The Annexe

​12 kWp Solar PV system installed at Hackney Borough Councils Service Centre offices.

Ecolution installed a 12 kWp, flat roof Solar PV system at the Annexe, part of Hackney Borough Councils Service Centre offices in May 2015.

The Annexe, is the main block of offices for Hackney Borough Council situated next door to their service centre. The building is occupied Monday – Friday, 9am – 5pm comprising of various staff covering a number of the council departments.

For this flat roof Solar PV installation, we used CSUN 250w polycrystalline modules with a Sunfixings Light Tegra mounting system.

Minimising disruption for Hackney Borough Council was a key factor that Ecolution had to consider prior to installation. This meant we installed the Solar PV system outside of the Councils normal working hours, as drilling etc would interfere with staff productivity and customer service due to the noise. Also as the building is situated in a built up area we were unable to put up scaffolding, therefore all tools and materials had to be taken up by hand in the builds lifts which would have also caused disruption for staff within the building during day time hours. Therefore our staff worked outside their normal working hours to get the installation completed as quickly and smoothly as possible.

The Solar PV installation at The Annexe has reduced the energy bills for the building, meaning more money freed up for Hackney Borough Council to better invest within other areas of the community. Since the installation at The Annexe, the system is producing 10200 kWh of free electricity for the building per year with 5395.80 kg of C0₂ savings.

On completion of the installation Hackney Borough Council were so pleased with the results and the level of service both during installation and aftercare that we are due to install on the Service Centre next door to the Annexe.

Quick Stats

System Size
12 kWp

Free Electricity
10200kWh per yr

CO2 Savings
5395.80 kg