58.1 kWp Solar PV system installed across 3 blocks of flats in Cambridge.

In January 2015 Ecolution installed a total of 58.1 kWp solar output across 3 blocks of flats for design and build contractors and Aldwyck Housing Association, in Cambridge.

Vesta is situated at the heart of CB1, these sleek, creative and contemporary apartments are just minutes away from the city’s train station and planned new transport hub. Vesta development has 79 beautifully designed one, two and three bedroom apartments, across 3 blocks, for both Housing Association and private tenants.

Cambridge is known for its historic buildings, the CB1 area where the Vesta developments are situated are breathing a new life into the city centre. Vesta was looking firmly to the future with the buildings inspired by the concepts of modern, flexible living, with design at the heart.

The Solar Photovoltaic systems have complimented this vision of future thinking way of living. The installations across the 3 blocks were designed to not compromise the visual aesthetics of the building which we achieved with a flat roof mounting system which ensures it is not visible from ground level. The solar system has also ensured affordable living for the residents of the blocks as they benefit from free electricity generated throughout the daylight hours which also means reduced energy bills in the long term for residents.

To date across the 3 blocks at Vesta, the total size of Solar Photovoltaic Systems are 58.1 kWp, these are now producing approximately 49,385 kWh of free electricity per year, including C0₂ savings of 26,124.67 per annum in total.

Quick Stats

System Size

Free Electricity

CO2 Savings
26,124.67 kg