Victoria Way

198.75 kWp Solar PV system installed across multiple blocks and houses in London.

Ecolution installed a total of 198.75 kWp solar output across multiple apartment blocks and houses, we also installed 49.5kWp across 3 banks of single row car ports for design and build contractors and Viridian Housing, in Charlton, London.

For these builders sustainability influences all aspects of building new homes, from design to ensure optimal use of the land for the production of energy efficient apartments and houses to reduce carbon emissions and unnecessary use of natural resources. Their focus is the creation of low to medium cost housing that are affordable in the long term. This is also echoed by Viridian Housing, as owning properties with renewables technologies such as Solar PV means reduced energy bills in the long term for their low income tenants.

Ecolution installed solar PV across several blocks of flats providing 200 new apartments and also 20 new houses in Charlton. We installed CSUN 250W polycrystalline modules on a variety of mounting systems including the Ecomount self-ballasting system on the blocks of flats made out of 100% recycled materials. This self-ballasting system allowed us to install the panels without having to drill holes into the new roof. Consideration was made for the various roof types as shading, roof levels, access and fall arrest wires differed across the various properties.

Instead of wasting roof space and the unnessacary use of materials to build a roof on Victoria Ways car ports, Ecolution installed CSUN 250W panels on three banks of single row car ports. This not only provided more area for solar generation on what would have otherwise have been wasted roof space but also protected vehicles from the natural elements. They also are charging points for London’s growing number of electric vehicles. The 49.5kWp output generated by the Solar PV car ports will generate enough energy per year to charge a Nissan Leaf over 1700 times meaning it can be driven for 17000 zero carbon miles .

This innovative new development is a great example of how you can truly maximise wasted roof space to provide more sustainable living for the residents of Victoria Way. The Solar PV systems are now producing 211,012.50 kWh of free electricity per year for both the private and social housing tenants. It also has C0₂ savings of 111,625.61 kg per annum.

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CO2 Savings
111,625.61 kg