Waitrose Oxford

34 kWp Solar PV system installed on the new Waitrose store in Oxford.

In 2015 Ecolution installed a 34 kWp solar photovoltaic system on the new Waitrose store with design and build contractors, in Botley Road, Oxford.

Waitrose are a UK based company focused on cutting energy (and growing trees) who have been working to make their own businesses as sustainable as possible. All of their UK stores use 100% green electricity and low carbon technologies for any new-buildings. They are not just committed to making their own company builds renewable, they want to make it easier for people to make their homes low carbon as well. “Choosing green energy requires no significant change to lifestyle but is the single biggest change we can make in our homes to cut carbon.” Waitrose Head of CSR Quentin Clark. Which is why having a solar photovoltaic system on the roof of the new store was a top priority.

Solar PV was one of the most suitable renewable technologies to install on this site, as it not only was an effective use of wasted roof space, but also one of the easiest technologies to install. The store uses 100% of the renewable energy generated from the solar system, helping run the tills, lights, fridges etc during day light hours.

Ecolution won the contract for installation of solar photovoltaic (PV), installing a flat roof system using 250w polycrystalline solar panels and a K2 lightweight, on roof mounting system.

Waitrose Solar System has helped reduce their businesses outgoings by generating year on year approximately 28,900 kWh of free electricity and offsetting about 15,288.10 kg of C0₂ emissions per year, helping to also reduce the company’s carbon footprint.

Waitrose are future thinking’s, so to excel the company to meeting their sustainability goals, Waitrose are also planning to power 40 stores using their own energy centres by 2020. These will operate using renewable wood chips or biomass.

Quick Stats

System Size

Free Electricity
28,900kWh per yr

CO2 Savings
15,288.10 kg