Solihull & Heartland Hospital

Monitoring and Maintenance Contract with Solihull & Heartland Hospital.

Ecolution Energy Services have been monitoring and maintaining Solihull & Heartland hospital Solar PV systems since its installation in March 2014. We took on this contract after our group company “Ecolution Renewables” finished the installation for the Heat of England NHS Trust.

As with any renewable system, they require servicing and maintenance to ensure operation and that they meet current regulatory standards. Solihull & Heartlands decided to continue their relationship with Ecolution after the smooth, high-quality installation executed by our other division. We have gone on to provide the hospital with an annual contract which includes our remote monitoring, reactive maintenance and Feed-in Tariff management.

Our remote monitoring package allows us to monitor the hospitals PV systems from our head office in Kent where we can take generation meter readings without the need for an unnecessary visit which would interrupt their working day. It also enables us to remotely monitor their systems performance which flags as soon as there is a generation issue, so that it can be rectified as soon as possible, minimising any losses.

Within our FIT management, we not only helped Solihull and Heartlands register their system and sign up for Feed-In Tariff at the beginning but also manage the submission of remote meter readings on their behalf as well as ensuring their regular FIT payments are correct and on time.

Solihull & Heartlands have access to our bespoke portal where they can log-on to view live generation data and savings of their PV systems all in one place. The hospital also is signed up to our reactive maintenance service which means we proactively react to any issues flagged by our monitoring system, sending out one of our experienced engineers to troubleshoot and fix any issues.

Finally, as part of their contract Solihull and Heartland hospital benefit from having an annual service where one of our engineers will carry out a thorough visual inspection of their multiple systems looking out for common potential wear and tear, proactively resolving these before they turn into bigger issues.

Quick Stats

System Size
2x 250 kWp

Free Electricity

CO2 Savings
1,147.50 kg