St Clement

215.50 kWp Solar PV installed output across multiple blocks of flats and houses in Greenhithe, Kent.

Ecolution installed a total of 215.50 kWp solar photovoltaic output across multiple blocks of flats and houses in Greenhithe, Kent.

The new build developers strive towards becoming as energy efficient as they can in both their own operations and in the energy performance of the new homes they build. All of their new homes exceed the energy efficient criteria and regulations through the integration of renewable technologies such as solar PV and heat pumps and all of their new homes are fitted with energy efficient lighting.

The contractor’s initiatives are aimed at reducing CO₂ emissions during the development of their new build homes but also once residents have moved in.

St Clements Lake is an exquisite collection of stylish 3 and 4 bedroom houses and 3 blocks of 2 bedroom apartments. This high specification, modern properties have been expertly designed for modern living with spacious and sophisticated interiors. It was, therefore, important that the solar PV design reflected this style and had to integrate with the modern external design of the building without compromising on its aesthetic appeal.

Ecolution successfully achieved this by designing a GSE in-roof mounting system with 250 W monocrystalline solar panels. This all black finish meant that the panels blended nicely into the black slate roof and sat flush with the tiles.

It was a conscious decision by the builders to choose solar PV over other renewable technology as it is not only quick and easy to install but it was a way for them to utilise what would have otherwise been wasted roof space. This is now providing end users with free electricity during the day, reducing their energy bills for years to come without taking up any extra space within their home.

The solar photovoltaic systems at St Clements are now collectively producing 183,175 kWh of free electricity per year and reducing the resident’s carbon footprint by 96,899.58 kg per year.

Quick Stats

System Size
215.50 kWp

Free Electricity
183,175 kWh

CO2 Savings
96,899.58 kg