Sterling Press

Monitoring and Maintenance contract with Sterling Press Centre in Kettering.

Sterling Press has engaged Ecolution to provide a 12-month Remote Monitoring and Reactive Maintenance contract for the 50kWp solar photovoltaic system at their main site in Kettering. The system has been installed to take advantage of the feed-in-tariff (FIT) scheme where users have the opportunity to benefit from the generation of electricity that is not called in from the grid.

Consisting of 208 Hanwha 240w panels, this system allows Sterling to reduce their CO² emissions by up to 24 tonnes and produce 40,000 kWh of sustainable electricity every year.

Sterling Solutions want to ensure that the system is working to full capacity and generating the expected amount of energy to help support their business and also to guarantee that it generates the expected level of revenue through FIT. The remote monitoring by Ecolution Renewables reduces the need for annual maintenance checks, however, when something does go wrong, Ecolution are on hand to help resolve the problem.

Sterling’s Health and Safety manager, Martyn Vendy, says: “I am keen to see some tangible information to help me report back to our Financial Director – I can do this easily now via the Ecolution portal. Our offices are located on a busy industrial estate close to the motorway and it is likely that the panels will need some form of periodic cleaning. Because of the monitoring system, Ecolution will be able to judge how dirty the panels are and advise us accordingly. This means that the panels are always working well and no unnecessary cleaning or maintenance is carried out.”

Graham Loft, Commercial Manager from Ecolution, says: “The installation of the remote monitoring equipment is carried out by one of our engineers and involves fitting a LDC (local data concentrator) to the excising Elster three phase meters, the LDC then collates the information and sends it back to the Ecolution Portal. This enables our clients to check the system’s performance regularly to ensure the anticipated financial returns are being achieved. This service provides the client with peace of mind over the 25-year plus period of generation that maximum output is achieved.

Quick Stats

System Size

Free Electricity
40,000 kWh

CO2 Savings
up to 24 tonnes