Taylor Wimpey

2,666.52 kWp Solar PV & Solar Hot Water systems installed across multiple properties situated in Essex.

#Taylor Wimpey
Ecolution have been working with Taylor Wimpey since 2007 when we collaborated on a project in Barking, Essex. We were called in to assist with a scheme where the products were procured previously and we worked with Taylor Wimpey’s technical team and the consultants to ensure the high standards were delivered for one of the first solar hot water and photovoltaic schemes, as part of the local planning obligations.

To date, Ecolution have provided solar installations on 8 completed sites all from the Brentwood region in Essex. All of these sites have been driven by the local planning obligations that have been in place for a decade in and around the M11 corridor.

Since establishing ourselves as the renewable energy contractor of choice for the Brentwood region Ecolution have recently built a solid, new working relationship with the East Anglia region of Taylor Wimpey based out of Bury St Edmunds. We currently have 2 large sites ongoing with this region called Tharston Meadow and Hampdens View that will be completed early 2016.

The East Anglia region of Taylor Wimpey made a decision to maximise available roof space and install as much solar PV onto their south facing elevations as possible. This provides the incoming purchasers with a great asset in terms of future proofing their energy supply and providing the lion’s share of their electricity from the PV modules rather than calling this in from the national grid.

To date there are 2,666.52 kWp Solar PV systems across all our completed installations for Taylor Wimpey, they are now producing approximately 226,542 kWh of free electricity per year, including C0₂ savings of 119,840.71 per annum in total.

Quick Stats

System Size
2,666.52 kWp

Free Electricity
226,542 kWh

CO2 Savings
119,840.71 kg