3.75 kWp Solar PV systems installed across 5 new residential houses in Surrey.

Ecolution won the electrical and solar photovoltaic installation contracts for The Windmills situated in the sought after area of Leatherhead, Surrey.

The contractors have been creating design-led light, spacious, adaptable living spaces for over 40 years. They only use the best local craftsmen with time-honoured building traditions and the best materials producing a fine finish to their designer homes.

They’re are passionate about their environmental strategy which is why they aim to replace older, less eco-friendly buildings with new, more energy-efficient homes that will have less of an impact on the environment.

We know that the new build developers take allot of pride in their elegant designer homes which is why we were privileged to have won both the electrical and PV contracts for this exclusive development of four beautiful 3-bedrooms semi-detached designer homes and one stunning 5-bedroom.

Our dedicated in-house electrical contracting team worked closely with the builders from initial site surveying through to the design, supply and installation of both the internal and external electrics. We supplied a complete electrical package for both 1st and 2nd fix through to the final testing and commissioning for this specialist project. We installed downlights throughout and ensured that all of the electrics were of a high specification and finish to ensure quality was consistent.

Being awarded both the electrical and PV for this project ensured a smooth installation process throughout. With the contractors being passionate about their environmental strategy and the quality of their homes we designed a PV system which not only helped create sustainable but also energy-efficient properties meeting both the code to sustainable homes for the builder but also benefiting the end user with reduced energy bills for years to come.

We installed a total of 3.75kW of solar PV across the 5 houses using 250W polycrystalline panels. When designing the panel layout, we decided to install the on the flat roof aspect of the house instead of the pitched for aesthetic purposes.

However, this meant taking into consideration exposure to wind loads which is why we used IFP mechanical fixing posts which have to be installed prior to the roof being fitted which we coordinated efficiently with the other contractors.

The solar photovoltaic systems across The Windmills are now collectively producing 3,360 kWh of free electricity and C0₂ savings of 1,777.44 kg per annum.

Quick Stats

System Size

Free Electricity
3,360 kWh

CO2 Savings
1,777.44 kg