Wrotham Water Farm

Solar PV system installed at Wrotham Water Farm in Kent.

Motivated by benefitting from the Feed-in Tariff whilst generating his own electrical requirements, David Goodworth of Wrotham Water Farm collaborated with Ecolution, the UK’s leading independent renewable energy systems provider, to design and build two photovoltaic projects on his farm positioned on National Trust owned land. The farm is located within the Kent Downs Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, which has areas that are actively managed for conservation.

Ecolution gained the contract following a competitive tender involving several companies and were tasked with completing two projects at the end of November 2011, with a deadline of five days.

On the farm’s barn, Ecolution installed 39 LG 250 photovoltaic modules with a Fronius IG Plus 120 on a cement fibre roof. 12 LG 250 modules were installed with a Mastervolt XS 4300 on Castlefield Cottage on a tiled roof.

The barn’s PV installation will generate around 9,000 kWh per annum and Castlefield Cottage will generate 2,700 kWh. The barn will pay back nearly £4,000 per annum via the Feed-in Tariff and will produce over £1,000-worth of free electricity. The house will pay back in excess of £1,200 per annum and will produce £350-worth of free electricity each year.

Richard Jenkins, managing director at Ecolution, says: “This was our first installation on National Trust owned land and we were delighted to be able to work in such wonderful surroundings and achieve a terrific result for David, the farmer. He is able to take advantage of the Feed-in Tariff whilst generating electricity for his own use. The principles of what we do are no different when working in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty versus an inner-city setting and we feel confident that we make the best judgements in any environment. David Goodworth is already considering another installation on a new barn on Wrotham Water Farm.”

Ecolution has been working with the building industry for over 25 years, providing renewable energy solutions for over a decade, with an expert team who have over 50 years combined experience in the design, installation and maintenance of integrated renewable technologies. Ecolution operates within the commercial and residential sectors, providing solar hot water systems, and solar photovoltaic.

Quick Stats

System Size

Free Electricity
11,700kWh per yr

CO2 Savings