Our Design and Consultancy Services

Ecolution has a full in-house technical department and can provide full design and consultancy support for both retrofit and new build/construction projects.

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Installation of renewable and energy efficient technologies is often driven by financial savings or to hit environmental targets and so it is important to have an accurate understanding of what a system will achieve when assessing its viability.

For retrofit projects, Ecolution can carry out desktop or full site surveys to assess the suitability of various technologies before producing a feasibility report examining the pros, cons, likely cost, payback and environmental performance of a system, enabling the end client to accurately assess the viability of a project.

For construction projects, it is important that environmental targets are achieved to ensure planning permission is granted and new buildings are as energy efficient as possible.

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Ecolution often collaborate with construction consultants and developer’s technical departments at the early stage of a project to assist in the co-ordination of a project.

Ecolution can provide full designs at planning stage to assist in co-ordination with other technologies and services.

Providing early stage design assistance helps developers and contractors to stay within budget as any potential problems can be identified early and rectified in good time, avoiding costly reconfigurations once a project has gone to site.