What is energy storage?

Energy storage systems are made up of an energy management unit and batteries. The system allows you to store excess energy generated from your renewable technologies such as solar PV allowing you to increase your self-consumption of free renewable electricity in your home. However, you can also use an energy storage unit to store electricity from the grid during the day at a cheaper rate so that you can use the cheaper energy in the evening.

It gives you the flexibility to use your free electricity during evening hours or in the event of a blackout. Energy storage is a great addition to any home and can also be installed alongside any new and retrofitted to most existing renewable technology systems.

Battery Storage Cycle

Benefits of energy storage systems?

Energy security - Energy storage systems are the first step towards achieving independence from energy suppliers as storing the energy you produce is the ideal insurance against continuously rising energy prices.

Provides backup power - Energy storage can serve as a backup power supply during blackouts. With an energy storage system, you will never have to be confronted with the unpleasant surprise where you come home to no lights or are unable to use simple household appliances. Energy Storage gives you that safe and secure feeling, especially for vulnerable individuals. Energy storage means that business no longer has to come to a halt during a blackout, business can carry on, as usual, saving them time and money.

Further, reduce your carbon footprint and help save the environment - Energy storage systems allow consumers to use more of the energy produced by their renewable technologies, which don’t produce any harmful pollution. This technology is a way that each property can further help towards protecting the environment and tackling climate change.

Maximise renewable systems and reduce energy bills - Storing the free electricity you’re already producing from your renewable systems such as a solar PV array can increase your energy savings by 70% with a suitable energy management and battery storage system. Previously if you didn’t use 100% of the free electricity you generated during the day, this would automatically be fed straight back into the grid. However now with energy storage, you can store the free electricity you have generated so that you can utilise this during the evenings which will further reduce your energy bills.

Smart energy management - By smartly utilising your energy storage system, users can increase their return considerably. Running devices like the washing machine during daylight hours to maximise the use of the free electricity generated. Dependant on individual systems, users can check system performance online, through web-portals, smartphones and tablet devices to check energy generation, consumption and even battery levels. Home energy management has never been easier.

Energy storage maintenance services

Most energy management units have their own remote monitoring portal which you can access via web browsers or even apps to via the performance of your energy storage system. This allows you to see when it is charging or discharging throughout the day and it will flag up if there is an issue with the system.

Most manufacturer’s warranties are only upheld if your renewable technology is regularly maintained, which is why it is important to ensure your energy storage system is serviced frequently by qualified engineers. This will not only guarantee your system’s performance throughout the year and prolong the lifetime of the technology but it will also save you money on repairs as most parts are covered by warranty for approximately 5 years.

We provide both planned maintenance as well as operations and maintenance (O&M) contracts for energy storage systems. As part of these packages, one of our qualified and experienced engineers will attend your property to carry out a thorough annual service of your energy storage system. We will also attend your property for any reactive / emergency repairs, even out of hours.

We not only provide reactive call outs for our clients signed up to our maintenance contracts but will also attend emergency repairs for none clients as well.

Our annual service for your solar PV system includes -

  • Check function and performance of energy storage system.
  • Check the charging and discharging of the system.
  • Perform electrical safety tests.
  • Check installation and isolation of system.
  • Visual inspection of all cables and connections.
  • Check labelling is consistent with regulations at the time of installation.
  • Rectify any problems that are covered by warranty any faults that are not covered by warranty will require clients approval of costs prior to rectifying any problem.
  • Provide service maintenance document.