Renewable technology maintenance housing associations and local authorities

Ecolution have years of experience helping housing association and local authorities across the UK integrate, manage and maintain renewable technologies throughout their new build properties and retrofitting existing. We have even helped them to transform their own offices to become more energy efficient and reduce their carbon footprint.

With fuel poverty and climate change moving to the forefront of international strategy towards a greener future, Ecolution are dedicated to aiding the public sector to help meet their sustainability criteria.

Renewable technologies are also helping the public sector to create desirable affordable properties with low running costs for residents whilst the housing associations are benefiting from an additional revenue stream through UK government schemes such as the Feed-in Tariff (FIT) and the Renewable Heating Incentive (RHI). These additional savings and extra revenue can then be better re-invested into your properties or the local area.

However in order to reap the rewards of these renewable systems, they must be registered and maintained.

At Ecolution we understand that the day to day running of your business is your top priority which is why with our variety of maintenance packages to choose from, we can take away the hassle of managing your renewable assets. We provide everything from scheduled maintenance and servicing through to reactive emergency repairs for new and existing renewable systems.

We deal directly with the residents to arrange scheduled maintenance and any emergency repairs, so you don’t have to. We provide you with regular reports of service and will consult with you on any major works required. If you have a variety of systems across multiple sites that is not a problem, our bespoke management systems enable us to manage all your requirements.

Ecolution are members of various frameworks allowing for simple, cost-effective and compliant procurement. Being product specialists with our own in-house distribution arm, we provide advice and consultancy service for the public sector. We will recommend products for new installations and will even attend newly finished sites to inspect works ensuring they have been correctly commissioned to the highest standard before your residents move in. This service also includes assessing old existing systems that are being considered for an upgrade.

With our renewable installation, electrical contracting and solar PV funding businesses we can cover all of your requirements.

What do we maintain?

At Ecolution we have a growing task force of experienced electricians, plumbers and gas safe qualified engineers all specialising in renewable technologies meaning you’re guaranteed that your renewable assets are being looked after properly.

We provide scheduled maintenance and reactive call-outs for the following technologies within housing association and local authority properties -

• Solar Photovoltaic (PV)

• Solar Hot Water (SHW) also known as Solar Thermal

• Energy Storage

• Air source Heat Pumps (ASHP) including NIBE systems

• Ground Source Heat Pumps (GSHP)

• Mechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery (MVHR)

• Heat Interface Units (HIU)

• Hot water Cylinders

• Biomass

• Rainwater Harvesting

• Infra-red heating

• Electrical

Our additional services

Solar PV remote monitoring

Ecolution provide remote monitoring for all housing association and local authority solar PV installations. We install a smart generation meters at each property which provides us remote access to half-hourly generation data and diagnostic information. This means any system performance issues that would otherwise go unnoticed are immediately flagged to us so we can proactively rectify these, minimising any losses for you and your residents.

Each customer receives access to their own bespoke portal where you can see live data of performance and savings for each system. We understand that most of our housing association and local authority customers have solar PV systems across multiple sites which is why on our bespoke portal it allows customers to view individual system data as well as a collective report.

Each quarter we will send you a summary report of your systems performance including savings and Feed-in Tariff (FIT) income.

Yourselves and your residents no longer have to deal with the hassle of meter readings for the solar PV systems. With our smart metering solutions, Ecolution can take remote meter readings and automatically submit these to the utility provider for you throughout the year.

Remedial Works

If you have existing systems which you need a second opinion on or even considering upgrading, we provide a remedial works service. One of our expert team will visit your property to carry out a comprehensive assessment of the system, flagging up any issues with the system, we will then submit a detailed report to yourselves with our recommendations and advice. If you choose to upgrade or repair the system, we will also carry out these works for you.

Why housing association and local authority choose Ecolution for maintenance?

Most manufacturer’s warranties are only upheld if your renewable technology is regularly maintained, which is why it is important to ensure your system is serviced frequently by qualified engineers to avoid unnecessary costs.

Keeping residents happy – Ecolution regularly maintain each properties renewable systems to ensure that they always performing and that any issues are picked up before they turn into bigger problems. This minimises any losses, keeping residents satisfied and confident that they have specialists handling their renewable technology’s needs.

Security for vulnerable residents – Utility companies are struggling to keep up with demand meaning there are increasing issues with supply, therefore, vulnerable residents can find themselves without electricity, hot water or heating. However as renewable systems do not rely on utility supply meaning your residents could still keep their lights running during a blackout. However, these must be regularly maintained to ensure they are operating as they should.

Reducing fuel poverty – Renewable technologies are a great way to reduce fuel poverty as they can dramatically reduce resident’s utility bills year on year, however they need to be operating efficiently to receive the benefits.

Reduce the number of reactive call-outs – By regularly monitoring and maintaining your renewable systems any issues can be picked up before they become bigger problems, minimising the risk of having to pay for emergency repairs or the inconvenience of your system not operating. We have a proven track record of dramatically reducing the number of call-outs for our clients.

At Ecolution we are one company who can handle all of your renewable and electrical assets contact us today to find out more!