What are EV Charging Points?

An electric vehicle charging station , also called EV Charging points, is a renewable technology that supplies electric energy for the recharging of electric vehicles. Rather than filling your car up with gallons of gas, you simply plug your car into its charging station to fuel up. This way allows you to save on costs and fight against the use of fossil fuels.



Why install EV Charging Points?

EV charging points are compact and easy to install in any home. They are also free to use when they are paired with a Solar PV system!

Electric Cars have many benefits. They are much better for the environment than normal petrol cars and are also cheaper to run!

You’ll have to cover the installation costs yourself, but the OLEV grant gives you 75% of the cost of the charger, up to a maximum of £500. After the initial outlay on installation, your charging costs will be much cheaper. The cost of home charging will vary depending on the model of car and your electricity tariff, but a full charge might cost as little as £3 – meaning your car could cost as little as 2p per mile to run.’  You will just pay your normal electricity unit price, rather than £1-1.50 an hour for charging in public (or up to £7.50 an hour for rapid charging).

If you’re on Economy 7 or a time of use tariff, you could save even more money by charging your car with cheap off-peak electricity.



Why Maintain EV Charging Points?

EV charging points usually require very little upkeep and maintenance so can be run quite cheaply. However, once the system has been installed, due to the units being exposed to outside weather conditions and having an electrical supply, they require an annual service to ensure the unit is operating as it should. This helps to avoid any health and safety issues which could occur during the use of your technology.

However, we do have some tips in terms of the everyday care of your EV Charging Points. These will help you prolong the lifespan of your technology.

• The charging cord should be stored securely to avoid damage.

• The system should be checked yearly for general wear and tear by a qualified Engineer.

• The overall system should be kept clean and free from dust as much as possible.

• Always make sure the system is shut down at the end of the day will help prolong its life.

Here at Ecolution, we recognise the importance of having a fully functioning car charging system for your home or business which is why we offer a maintenance package for EV charging points.

The maintenance of EV charging points is carried out by our skilled and fully trained in-house engineers and with our nationwide presence, we guarantee a quick response time for any callout repairs.