How can I maximise my savings?

You can do this by ensuring the system us continuously functioning at optimum capacity, you can do this by signing up to one of our maintenance packages. You can also increase your savings by altering your usage pattern to ensure you are using the free heating, hot water or electricity produced by your renewable system, i.e. putting on your washing machine during the day when your solar PV system is generating free electricity. You can also increase your savings up upgrading your systems with technologies like energy storage or even installing multiple types of renewable systems at the property.

Do solar panels need to be cleaned?

In certain circumstances, yes, i.e. if the panels are not mounted to a minimum of 10°pitch or if they are in a position that is more susceptible, i.e. coastal locations (due to birds) etc. However, if the system is remotely monitored we can inform you exactly when (if at all) cleaning is required

How do I know if my solar PV system is working?

You can Check the meter daily to ensure it is tallying up, alternatively if you are signed up to our remote monitoring service we receive half hourly generation data meaning if there is an issue with your system this gets picked up as soon as it happens minimising any losses.

Should I turn my solar PV system off when i go on holiday?

No, the system will simply export the excess electricity so there is no need. Turning off the system will increase your fuel bill and if you are signed up to the Feed-In Tariff scheme you will miss out on income.

Do solar panels work in the winter?

Yes, solar panels work in any sort of daylight condition, however, efficiency will be decreased the darker it is.