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What is a Heat Interface Unit (HIU)?

Heat interface units, also known as HIU systems act as a bridge between the central boiler and the heating and hot water systems within a property. These are typically installed within large apartment blocks where you can have one central boiler system sometimes referred to as an energy centre which provides heating and hot water to the entire block of flats. This not only saves costs but also maximises the use of space available within each flat.

The hot water produced by the centralised boiler system is transferred via heat exchangers, to provide each apartment with on-demand heating and hot water. Heat interface units can be designed to work alongside other renewable technologies such as solar PV or air source heat pumps.

Why install Heat Interface Units (HIU)?

  • Reduce the need for multiple boilers in the complex.

  • Reduce your carbon footprint - HIU’s meet low emissions and energy targets.

  • Lightweight, compact design - Save on space in individual apartments with one main system.

  • Practical for combining with lower cost renewable technologies.

  • Efficiently controlled heating and hot water supply.

HIU Engineer Installation Nationwide heat Interface Unit

HIU Heat Interface Unit Maintenance Installation Engineer Nationwide

Why maintain Heat Interface Units (HIU)?

To make sure that HIU boilers are operating at their optimum efficiency there needs to be a planned schedule of maintenance.

The planned maintenance schedule for the HIU Boilers are aimed at reducing or preventing failure of the equipment within the system, which in turn will increase and maintain the efficiency of the system ensuring the end users are receiving the full benefits that these HIU Boilers have to offer!

It is important to ensure your heat interface units are serviced frequently by qualified engineers as this will not only guarantee your system’s performance throughout the year and prolong the lifetime of the technology but it will also save you money on repairs as most parts are covered by warranty for approximately 10 to 15 years!