The Importance of Maintaining your Renewable Technologies

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A renewable energy system should benefit from regular service and maintenance like any other type of mechanical or electrical device. Each technology has different service schedules but we recommend at least an annual service to keep your system running. As a private homeowner, we provide a series of maintenance packages to meet your technologies needs.

Renewable energy technologies are a great way to reduce fuel poverty as they can dramatically reduce utility bills year on year, however they need to be operating efficiently to receive the benefits.


We provide reactive call-outs and scheduled maintenance services for our clients across multiple type properties. We operate nationwide so we have scheduled service visits to sites all over the UK.

Our complete service means the renewable assets are monitored and maintained correctly to ensure optimal performance and life time of the technologies. This translates in small issues being detected and resolved before they become bigger problems, minimising the number of reactive call outs. This results in saving our clients time and money, as well as keeping residents happy.

The variety of technologies we look after include:

·       Solar photovoltaic (PV)

·       Solar hot water (SHW)

·       Mechanical ventilation heat recovery (MVHR)

·       Heat interface units (HIU)

·       Air source heat pump (ASHP)

·       Ground source heat pump (GSHP)

·       Exhaust heat pump

·       Unvented cylinders

·       Biomass

Renewable energy systems vary in the amount of maintenance they require. For example, large scale solar PV may require full O&M servicing including regular checks and cleaning, whilst biomass boilers and heat pumps may require an annual service by a qualified engineer.

Our strong partnerships with leading global manufacturers put us at the forefront of the newest technologies in the market. We advise on technology upgrades within our clients’ properties to ensure they are correctly specified and ensuring that they will complement any other existing systems.

By maintaining renewable energy systems our clients benefit from a series of factors:

·       Ensure warranties are upheld and maximise savings and benefits

·       Deliver summary report of the systems performance including savings and Renewable Heating Incentive (RHI) income

·       Peace of mind - reduce the number of reactive call-outs, emergency repairs and the inconvenience of systems not operating properly

·       Third party handover service

·       Compliant