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Ecolution have been installing renewable energy and associated energy efficient technologies since 1999.

Originally providing Solar Hot Water (SHW) solutions for the new build/construction industry, we soon expanded our installation offering to include installation of Solar Photovoltaics (PV), ventilation systems (Mechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery and Mechanical Extract Ventilation), Heat Pumps (Ground Source and Air Source) as well as Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging and Battery Storage systems.

As well as adding further technologies, Ecolution has also diversified the sectors in which it works to include retrofit installations for local authorities, businesses, commercial and social landlords whilst still maintaining a foothold in the new-build sector. 

Why should Ecolution install your Renewable and/or Energy Efficient Technologies?

At Ecolution, we are at the forefront of technology, helping clients to control their environmental impact as well as saving money through the use of alternative energy efficient and renewable technologies. We offer a wide variety of systems to cover the energy used in your home, including Solar Thermal for your Hot Water and Solar PV for your electricity and to keep you off the grid.

We have an industry-wide reputation for exceptional products and service delivery which has attracted a number of high-profile public and Registered Social Landlords. We work alongside some of the UK’s largest registered social landlords and building developers, currently managing over 35,000 assets.

Sustainable Solutions

Sustainable Solutions





Variety of Renewable Technologies

Variety of Renewable Technologies

Our clients

Commercial and Public Sector

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Ecolution provide retrofit installations of PV, Battery Storage, Heat Pump and EV Charging systems for commercial businesses and local authorities. Adding renewable and/or energy efficient systems is a great way for businesses and organisations to save money and improve sustainability. Many of the technologies we install compliment one another, for example installing Solar PV to power Ground or Air Source Heat Pumps, as well as EV Charging Points.

Ecolution can assist from the very start of a project by providing initial advice, design work and feasibility reports. Once a decision is made on which technologies to install, Ecolution can provide installation works including full project management. Upon completion, we can offer ongoing maintenance and monitoring to ensure systems are performing as expected.

Registered Social Landlords

Registered Social Landlords can reduce costs and improve sustainability by installing renewable and energy efficient technologies.

As well as maintaining and monitoring existing systems, Ecolution can assist Registered Social Landlords by installing PV, Battery Storage, Heat Pump and EV Charging systems across their housing stock to help lower costs and hit environmental targets. Additionally, much of the existing technology installed in social housing for things such as heating is longer efficient. Ecolution can help by installing replacements for existing systems of newer, renewable systems which having lower running costs.

Construction Sector

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Ecolution have been providing new-build installations for over 2 decades. Initially a Solar Hot Water and PV specialist, we have expanded our expertise over the last 10 years to also offer Ventilation Systems (MVHR & MEV), Heat Pumps (ASHP & GSHP), Battery Storage and EV Charging Points.

Working with some of the biggest construction companies in the UK, Ecolution have developed a reputation as the go to specialist for renewable and energy efficient systems. Our in-house technical team can provide support from the very beginning of a project, helping with early stage design work to help co-ordinate with other services on the project and avoid cost clashes on-site. From there, our directly employed project teams will provide you with a safe and compliant, high quality installation.

For more information regarding the installation of your renewable and/or energy efficient technology or to ask for assistance with our maintenance service please make an enquiry by clicking the button below or contact us on 0330 324 7777.