What is an MVHR?

A Mechanical Ventilation and Heat Recovery system (MVHR) can be installed into any type of property but is often found in blocks of flats where windows are not able to be opened due to heights.

The system consists of a main power unit with ducts going into and out if the top of the unit. The ducts should be insulated and connected to extract fans within the kitchen and bathroom areas and supply fans located within living and sleeping areas. The system is designed to run constantly at flow rates determined by design and size of the property. The purpose of the system is to extract heat from the kitchen and bathroom, filter the air and provide new atmospheric air combined with the heat from the extracts, back into the living and sleeping areas of the property.


Why install an MVHR System?

The system is designed to reduce heating bills, provide a fresh flow of air and reduce the build up of mould. Flow rates can be adjusted from the controller or manually by adjusting the ceiling vents or fans. Filters within the main unit should be cleaned to manufacturers recommendations (often 3 or 6 monthly depending on the area, 3 monthly for towns and cities, 6 monthly for less polluted areas). The filters should be fully replaced annually as part of the planned service regime.

The MVHR technology is designed to provide the best quality air for your tenants whilst saving money on heating bills with the redistribution of heat. The main problem we come across is tenants using the system as if it is air conditioning and switching it off during the cooler months of the year. This causes mould to build up in the system causing operational issues, significant parts needing to be replaced and if switched back on again, potentially health issues to the tenants, who are now breathing in mould polluted air.

Did you know?

Recent research shows that surprising air pollution has been linked to cases of type two diabetes. It is believed that in 2016, air pollution was the cause of 3.2 million new cases of diabetes worldwide, this takes up a significant 14% total of all global cases of diabetes worldwide

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Why Maintain an MVHR system?

Air pollution and indoor air quality can have diverse effects on our health causing problems such as asthma, lung disease, and other respiratory problems. But unfortunately, the problems do not stop here and are not only lung or respiratory related. Having allergens and contaminants in your home can cause rashes, chest infections, headaches, and in more recent research poor indoor air quality has been linked to diabetes, and this is not even including the effects poor air quality may have the fabric of the building itself.

Health problems can arise when fungi and bacteria nestle in the filters and ducts of poorly maintained ventilation systems. After some time, the filters get saturated and they lose their cleaning performance. Therefore, make sure that you replace your filters regularly.