The Apprenticeship Programme

The Apprenticeship Programme

Apprenticeships are BIG NEWS in the UK, they give the chance for young adults to participate in on the job learning experience whilst undertaking a qualification in their chosen industry!

Here at Ecolution we are a big supporter of apprentices and are always looking to take on bright and hardworking individuals to join our team here. Our very own Managing Director, Mike Shipp began as a plumbing and heating apprentice himself back in 2002. As such he has dedicated himself to, positively impacting the construction industry by providing much-needed opportunities for young people and apprentices to gain qualifications and experience for future long-term careers.

We aim to be proactive in our search for young talent and we ensure that all our apprentices are hands-on in their learning experience.

We recently spoke to a couple of our apprentices Connor Mills and Danny Searles to see how they’re experience has been so far!

Why did you choose an apprenticeship at Ecolution?

Connor - Because hot water and heating renewable appliances are going to be the future!

Danny - I chose an apprenticeship at Ecolution because I had been referred to Ecolution by a relation of mine, as he said Ecolution is a great company to work for and very friendly.

Since starting, what have you gained from your apprenticeship?

Connor - I’ve gained valuable knowledge on plumbing and heating as well as improving my communication skills.

Danny - Since starting at Ecolution I have gained experience on all types of renewable products needed for the job, I have gathered an understanding of solar panel installation and also learned how to test and commission the panels.

What’s your favourite part about working at Ecolution?

Connor - The engineers are very helpful and I learn a lot from them.

Danny - My favourite part of working for Ecolution is working on the defects because you get an understanding of trying to find the problem and how to solve it

What’s your key to success?

Connor - Trying to learn as much as possible from the engineers.

Danny – Utilising my skills to become a fully qualified electrician.

Would you recommend Ecolution to anyone else looking for an apprenticeship in the construction industry?

Connor - Yes!

Danny - I would recommend Ecolution to my friends or family because it is a great company with good people.


As shown our apprentice’s gain a lot from working at Ecolution and as such they nearly always choose to stay with us. This is true of our maintenance engineer, Kieran Biggs who started off his career here at Ecolution as an apprentice! Kieran has now passed his qualification and is working for Ecolution Energy Services full time as a trainee maintenance engineer and is hoping to continue with his stellar career and progress even further with us at Ecolution!

With just this small insight into our apprentice’s ongoing experience, it’s no wonder more and more young adults are considering apprenticeships. Not only do you earn while you learn but you walk away with valuable experience and a nationally recognised qualification!

If you’re interested in becoming an apprentice at Ecolution you can apply today by following the link below, we’re always on the lookout for new talent and would be happy to have you in for an informal chat.

Find out more about the apprenticeships on offer and apply now.

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