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What is Rainwater Harvesting?

Rainwater harvesting is where you collect rainwater from a building rooftop via a drainage system and then filtering and storing this for re-use elsewhere within the property for example in toilet systems. Rainwater harvesting are available for both commercial and domestic properties helping them to both become more self-sufficient and sustainable.

Why install Rainwater Harvesting?

  • Reduce your water bills – You will reduce your water bills as you will be utilising the free water collected from the rain and therefore will have less reliance on the mains water supply.

  • Water supply security – With continually rising demand and prices from utility companies, rainwater harvesting offers you that independence to control your properties outgoings and also have the peace of mind that you are helping satisfy your own water demand.

  • Reduce your carbon footprint and help save the environment – Rainwater harvesting provides a renewable solution to water use, meaning it doesn’t produce any harmful pollution, it is a great way to recycle water with any property. This technology is a way that each property can help towards protecting the environment and tackling climate change by utilising natural sustainable resources.

Washing Machine Rainwater Harvesting RWH Install


Why maintain Rainwater Harvesting?

It is important to have a regular maintenance plan of your rainwater harvesting system to help protect the water quality. Proper maintenance and cleaning of your catchment, gutters, filters and tanks reduces the likelihood of contamination within your system. It is important to make sure that water from other sources are not mixed with your tank.