What is Solar Photovoltaic Remote Monitoring?

Solar photovoltaic (PV) systems must be regularly monitored and maintained in order to avoid costly repairs, ensure warranties are upheld and minimise your electricity bills.

Ecolution has a ready-made solution for micro-generation metering based on the latest technology, enabling us to deliver remote monitoring and metering solution. Our monitoring system ensures solar PV optimisation is maintained, as part of our solar PV installation package we automatically install a smart generation meter depending on the project requirements and the type of installation we may have already built into your package our remote monitoring and maintenance service. If this hasn’t been included then we supply full details of the service and contact information for end users to register after the installation is complete.

Remote monitoring records generation performance meaning a reduced need for visual checks each year which are often expensive and unnecessary.

From our bespoke portal, issues and underperformance are immediately flagged which would otherwise go unnoticed. We can then re-actively send out one of our qualified engineers to rectify the issue as soon as it happens, minimising any losses.

Meter reads are no longer a hassle, there is no need for an engineer to attend each property to take generation meter reads. With smart metering solutions, this can now be done remotely and we will regularly submit these to your energy provider for you.

Bespoke portal

Quarterly report

Ecolution solar PV remote monitoring portal

Quarterly solar photovoltaic report

Each customer also receives their own log-in details to our bespoke portal, allowing them access to live generation data, Feed-in tariff payments and energy savings, which is accessible view any web browser.

At the end of each quarter, we will send a summary of your solar PV systems performance, Feed-in Tariff payments, and total savings.

Choose Solar PV Remote Monitoring Solution

Solar PV remote monitoring is the only smart solution guaranteeing that your renewable systems are always performing as it should, minimising any losses.

We will look after your solar system so you don’t have to! Sign up today to protect your renewable assets and secure your energy savings.