Air Source Heat Pump

Air source heat pumps absorb heat from the outside air in the same way that a fridge extracts heat. The heat from the air is absorbed at a low temperature into a fluid, this fluid then passes through a compressor that increases the temperature which is then transferred to a properties heating or hot water systems. Unlike traditional boilers, air source heat pumps deliver heat at lower temperatures over much longer periods.

Air to water air source heat pumps distributes heat via the wet central heating system involving a boiler or heat exchanger and radiators. Heat pumps work effectively at lower temperatures by giving off heat over longer periods of time, making them ideal for underfloor heating or radiators.

Air to air heat pumps distributes the warm air via fans to heat a property. This type of system only provides heating, not hot water.


Ecolution Renewables are well established UK air source heat pump installers for the residential and commercial markets. We have expertise and experience with both new build sites and retrofitting existing properties on an individual basis as well as in large scale multiple property capacities.

The air source heat pump installation market has continued to grow and is certainly one of the best sustainable heating and hot water alternatives for any property within the new build sector. Unlike many other renewable systems that only provide one service to a property, air source heat pumps provide both a heating and hot water solution all in one, making it a very attractive cost-effective option.


There are many benefits to installing air source heat pumps, below are a few of the top air source heat pumps benefits:


Not many other renewable technologies do both heating and hot water, air source heat pumps are an all-in-one solution meaning no need to invest in two separate systems, saving time and money.


Air source heat pumps are a renewable technology which utilises natural hot air resources to produce heating and hot water for a property enabling system owners to gain independence from rising energy prices. Cost savings could considerably increase by completely replacing conventual electric heating systems.


Air source heat pumps are part of the UK Governments Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) scheme where you get paid for using renewable heating systems. There are two schemes that cater to both domestic and commercial properties. System owners received a quarterly payment for every kW of renewable heating/hot water they produce.


Unlike ground source heat pumps which can be intrusive for both installation and repair as it requires digging up the ground outside the property. Air source heat pumps are a simple outdoor unit which is as quick and easy to install as well as maintain.


Air source heat pumps recycle the natural indoor and outdoor air as a way of generating heating and hot water for a property without the use of burning fossil fuels. Therefore, these renewable systems are an efficient way for any property to cut its carbon footprint and protect the environment to help combat against climate change.


Ecolution are nationwide air source heat pump installers for newbuild residential and commercial properties, as well as retrofitting existing buildings. Our complete tailor-made air source heat pump packages are designed to provide high quality and efficient systems to meet all our client needs.

Our complete air source heat pump service includes everything from design and specification through to supply, install, commission, handover as well as aftercare and maintenance packages available.

We believe that when choosing an air source heat pump installer it is not just their quality of installation that should be considered it should also be their handover and aftercare service because when investing in an air source heat pump you want to guarantee it’s lifetime. Which is why here at Ecolution after every installation our team run through a system demonstration as well as provide complete Operation and Maintenance packs for each system which include all the system details along with information on best operation, maintenance and upgrade options available.

We have an aftercare helpline where our customer service team will be able to help with any questions as well as assist with RHI applications.

Having been established in the renewables industry since 1999 we have strong relationships with leading manufacturers in the sector, enabling us to guarantee we get the best products, at competitive prices with short lead times. All our engineers are trained directly with manufacturers to ensure they have expert knowledge and experience with installing popular air source heat pump brands.





Ecolution can provide the complete 360° package when it comes to air source heat pump installations for both the residential and commercial markets. Our tailor-made service from site assessment to the design and planning stages through to completion, ensure all our client’s requirements are met and that optimum renewable systems are delivered at competitive prices. All the services we provide use direct in-house labour so you can be guaranteed a quality air source heat pump installation.

For a more information on our services or for a FREE air source heat pump quote contact us today!


Being the UK’s air source heat pump maintenance specialists, we offer complete packages for both air to air and air to water heat pump systems.

We offer maintenance for all types of property sizes and a variety of client bases including private homeowners and business through to large scale contracts with multiple assets to manage such as housing associations, local authorities as well as facility and estate management companies.

Our services are designed to guarantee system optimisation and energy savings for our client’s year on year. Our air source heat pump maintenance package will help increase the lifespan of the system as well as reduce costly repairs which could have otherwise been avoided.


There are many reasons why it is important to maintain an air source heat pump see below a few examples of common air source heat pump issues we come across due to the systems not being regularly maintained:

  • Leaks could occur which could cause damp and mould, damaging the property
  • Safety feature failings meaning lack of pressure thought-out the system
  • Flow faults meaning a lack of heating and hot water which as a result causes the emersion to kick in increasing residents energy bills
  • Incorrect settings causing an inefficient system meaning increase energy bills

Air source heat pumps are designed to help reduce heating and hot water bills, however, if they are not regularly maintained they can do the exact opposite. As underperformance issues go unnoticed the emersion heater will keep kicking in which is more costly and inefficient even compared to traditional heating systems.

Small leaks often go unnoticed until they cause damage to the actual integrity of the property itself usually in the form for damp and mould. This is not only a costly repair but also means residents within the property are being exposed to potentially harmful mould spores.

Air source heat pumps are an alternative heating and hot water solution and therefore need annual servicing just like you would a boiler. So, don’t be caught out by costly repairs ensure you have your air source heat pump serviced.


Air source heat pump servicing and maintenance should be carried out annually to ensure system optimisation, prolong the life of the system and also reduce the risk of potentially unnecessary and costly emergency repairs.

As part of our air source heat pump servicing and maintenance plan, we send one of our qualified and experienced engineers who will thoroughly inspect and test the entire system, enabling us to identify and rectify any existing or potential issues before they turn into bigger costly repairs or replacements.

See below for what’s involved in our air source heat pump servicing and maintenance service:

  • Check expansion vessel charge pressure and top up as necessary
  • Check valves for freedom of movement, confirm that the water stops and both valves reset correctly
  • Check and clean the heat pump circuit filter
  • Open the primary/heating system safety valve and check that it discharges safely
  • Check and if necessary top up the concentration of the heating systems anti-freeze
  • Check the operation of the motorised valves
  • Check the primary/heating system pressure does not rise above the recommended value
  • Check and release any air from the primary heating system
  • Check correct rating and type of fuse fitted on the electrical supply
  • Check for the correct operation and temperature setting of the thermostats
  • Check yield performance
  • Provide air source heat pump servicing maintenance document


At Ecolution we provide 24/7 call-out services for all renewable technologies throughout the year even over bank holidays and the Christmas break because we understand that heating and hot water emergency repairs can happen at any time of year.

Being nationwide means we can attend emergency repairs quickly so that our engineers can identify and rectify any issues as soon as possible to minimise downtime and inconveniences for our clients.

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Looking for the perfect energy solution? Contact us today to discuss your energy plan.

Looking for the perfect energy solution? Contact us today to discuss your energy plan.