Energy Storage

Energy storage is the process in which you store FREE excess energy produced by renewable systems such as Solar Photovoltaic (PV) during daylight hours for use at a later time. It enables you to utilise the FREE generated energy during peak usage hours in the evening, helping you further reduce your energy bills.

If you don’t have a renewable system don’t worry, there are standalone battery storage solutions. These enable you to store electricity from the national grid during cheaper off-peak rates for later use during higher peak times.


Ecolution specialises in energy storage installation helping properties better manage their energy usage to minimise electricity bills, help clients become more environmentally friendly and maximise their return on investment for existing renewable systems such as solar PV.


Here at Ecolution, we provide a complete energy storage installation service for a variety of sectors and property types. One of our team will survey your property before providing you with a quotation including full designs and schematics. We will then send one of our qualified and experienced engineers to install your energy storage system. Once complete they will fully test and commission the unit as well as provide you with a full operations and maintenance pack along with final system demonstration.

Our sophisticated and smart energy storage ranges stand out above the rest so you won’t be disappointed with performance or aesthetics.


Here are a few of the main energy storage benefits:


You no longer have to be confronted with the unpleasant surprise of being left in the dark with no lights, heating and hot water or are unable to use a simple household appliance. Battery storage can serve as a backup power supply during power cuts giving you the safe and secure feeling, especially for vulnerable individuals. Businesses no longer need to come to a halt during a blackout, as work can carry on as usually saving time and money.


There are two ways in which energy storage can help reduce electricity bills, the first is solar PV system owners can store any excess FREE electricity produced by their system for use when they need it instead of buying energy from the national grid. The second is by storing electricity from the national grid during cheaper off-peak rates and using it during high on-peak periods.


Protect against continuously rising electricity prices, energy storage is the ideal insurance and the first step towards achieving independence from energy suppliers as storing the energy you produce or energy at off-peak periods is the ideal insurance against continuously rising electricity rates.


Energy storage allows consumers to use more of the FREE electricity produced by their other renewable systems like solar PV which don’t produce harmful pollution to generate electricity unlike the power from the national grid which is generated from burning fossil fuels which produce harmful emissions which not only damage the environment but also have a huge impact on individuals’ health.





Here at Ecolution, we provide a complete 360° service for battery storage installation with unmatched quality and customer service. With our in-house experience and technical team, we provide each client with a tailor-made service to ensure all your requirements are met and that optimum battery storage solutions are delivered at competitive prices.

For more details or for a FREE survey and energy storage quotation contact one of our expert team today!



It is important to monitor and maintain your energy storage system to ensure it is not only operating at optimum levels but also ensure no issues occur. As energy storage systems can store high volumes of electricity within lithium-ion batteries it is important to ensure these are operating safely and reliably as a simple issue could quite quickly turn into a bigger problem. Most systems already have a built-in safety mechanism in the event of a system issue, however, it is still important to have these regularly monitored and serviced as no matter how well you may look after your system unexpected issues can still arise.

It is also important as most battery storage manufacturers warranties are only upheld if you can prove that you regularly maintain your energy storage system.

As we move more towards electrical power to become more sustainable and with things like electric vehicles becoming even more popular, it is expected that properties electricity demands are likely to only increase. Through regular monitoring and maintenance of battery storage systems, energy advisors can track growing electricity demands and advise on upgrades helping customers to maximise their savings.


Very similar to solar PV maintenance the most efficient and cost-effective way to ensure your system is operating as it should through a battery storage remote monitoring service.

Ecolutions energy storage monitoring portal enables system owners and our in-house maintenance team to track not only live performance and savings data online but it will also flag up any issues that would have otherwise gone unnoticed. Meaning these can be resolved as soon as they happen before they turn into bigger problems minimising any losses.


Remote monitoring of energy storage is definitely the most cost-effective and efficient ways of ensuring your system is always performing, however, it is also important to have them regularly serviced.

With planned battery storage maintenance your system will receive regular annual servicing and visual inspections from one of our qualified and experience Ecolution engineers. They will be able to provide a thorough visual inspection and testing of the unit to identify any issues which may not necessarily be picked up by the remote monitoring platform.

Energy storage servicing is a great way in which system owners can prolong the lifetime of the unit helping void costly repairs and replacements. See below list of what is included in our battery storage service:

  • Check functionality and performance
  • Check the charging and discharging of the batteries
  • Perform electrical safety tests
  • Check installation and isolation
  • Visual inspection of all cables and connections
  • Check labelling is consistent with current regulatory standards
  • Rectify any problems that are covered by warranty. Any faults that are not covered by warranty will require client’s approval of costs prior to rectifying any problem
  • Assess client’s electricity demands to evaluate if a system capacity upgrade is recommended (as property electricity demands are expected to grow year on year)

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Looking for the perfect energy solution? Contact us today to discuss your energy plan.

Looking for the perfect energy solution? Contact us today to discuss your energy plan.