Solar Photovoltaic

Solar photovoltaic systems, also known as solar PV, use solar panels to capture the sun’s energy using photovoltaic cells to produce FREE electricity.

These cells don’t need direct sunlight, they can still convert sunlight into electricity even on a cloudy day. The solar panels produce DC electrical current, which is passed through the PV inverter converting this into AC current (the standard type of electricity used in the UK). This, in turn, is connected to the properties existing electrical system via the fuse board/distribution board allowing residents to use the FREE electricity produced during daylight hours.

Solar PV systems should run automatically without any interference, other than during recommended regular maintenance.


Ecolution are established solar photovoltaic installers since 1999 for both the housing and commercial sectors. Our solar PV installations help clients improve property efficiency, reduce electricity bills, cut carbon emissions, meet regulations and combat fuel poverty.


There are many benefits to installing solar panels but here are a few of the top solar PV benefits:


Solar photovoltaic systems produce FREE electricity meaning property owners can reduce their electricity bills by utilising this FREE electricity generated during daylight hours which therefore means purchasing less from the national grid year on year.


The UK government’s Feed-In Tariff (FIT) Scheme pays solar PV system owners for the electricity it generates. Receive an income from FIT even when using 100% of the energy generated. However, the FIT scheme ends April 2019 so systems need to be installed prior to this to benefit from it.


Solar panels are one of the only renewable systems which require very little maintenance. PV Remote monitoring is the most efficient cost-effective method as this minimises wasted maintenance visits. It flags up any issues as they occur which would have otherwise gone unnoticed minimising losses. This maintenance option also includes remote meter readings and an online portal to track savings.


For builders or developer in the new build market, solar photovoltaic systems are a great way to help meet SAP targets, energy reports, The Code for Sustainable Homes, BREEAM ratings, Part L and local planning requirements such as the London Plan.


Solar PV generates renewable energy, meaning it doesn’t produce any harmful pollution. This technology is a way that each property can help towards protecting the environment and tackling climate change by utilising natural sustainable resources.


Ecolution provide a complete solar photovoltaic installation service for both new build properties and retrofitting existing. Our tailor-made services are designed to provide our clients with state of the art solar PV energy solutions to suit their needs.

We work with our clients from initial design and specification through to supply and installation, commissioning and handover as well as offering remote monitoring and maintenance options.

Here at Ecolution the handover and aftercare of any solar photovoltaic system are just as important as the installation itself, which is why we provide full O&M packs per system on completion. We then run through these with our clients including a system demonstration to ensure full understanding of the operation and aftercare recommendations.

We have been long established within the solar PV industry both with our clients but also manufacturers having over the years built long-standing relationships to enable us to provide our customers with the best products at the right prices. We have even worked with manufacturers to customise existing ranges and develop new products to suit the UK market’s needs. Due to these strong relationships, we are able to provide our engineers specialist training directly with the manufacturers guaranteeing our customers high-quality solar PV installations.


Solar photovoltaic systems are ideal for newbuild domestic and commercial properties and are becoming increasingly popular with builders and developers due to their quick and easy installation process as well as competitive pricing compared to alternative methods of meeting newbuild regulations.

Ecolution are highly experienced specialist within the new build solar PV sector. As this industry has continued to grow year on year we now have our own dedicated new build solar PV installation division who deal directly with all our newbuild projects.

With all newbuild properties, the defects period is an integral part which is no different for solar systems which is why we provide a standard 2-year defect on all our systems.

We understand the complex health and safety requirements of building sites which is why our staff are all qualified and experienced to work in accordance with both our own policies and those promoted by our clients.

Our engineers have CSCS and ECS card as well as all our supervisors being SMSTS qualified, meaning full responsibility for our own installation teams. We use direct labour meaning we can guarantee quality control for all our clients.


Residential solar PV is not only popular within the new build industry but with the rise in living costs, existing homeowners are looking for the cheapest ways to reduce their outgoings each month.

Household Electricity usage is only likely to continue to increase as we move towards more electrical devices including electric cars. Taking into consideration continually rising electricity rates keeping energy bills down is a high priority for most homeowners which is why solar panels are a great investment for long-term energy savings.

By using of smart plugs and smart energy management homeowners can maximise their benefits by using as much of the FREE electricity produced by their solar panels during the day reducing their electricity bills whilst also receiving an income from Feed-In Tariff.

Ecolution have installed solar PV for homes since 1999, with our clients ranging from private homeowners, landlords, self-builders as well as larger builders and developers. We have helped many of our clients cut their properties carbon footprint, reduce electricity bills and create an additional revenue stream through the FIT scheme.


Within the commercial sector including businesses, public buildings and the farming industry, electricity usage is high throughout the day and one way they can improve competitive advantage is through cutting costs. With electricity prices on the rise and as a generation where we’re moving more towards more electric devices including electrical vehicles etc. cutting electricity bills is a top priority.

Which is why solar PV for businesses is becoming increasingly popular due to its quick and easy installation, competitive prices and minimal maintenance requirements.

Unlike most residential properties commercial and public buildings are most in use during daylight hours, meaning they are likely to use most, if not all of the FREE electricity generated by their solar photovoltaic system, maximising their savings and increasing their return on investment.

We provide our commercial clients with options and flexibility when to comes to installation to minimise disruption as we understand that the day to day running of a business is always the highest priority.

Ecoluiton have delivered some of the UK’s largest and most high-profile solar photovoltaic installations for the commercial and public sector, custom designing these to maximise returns and meet client’s requirements. Whether it’s a new or existing property we have helped organisations to reduce their carbon footprint, cut energy bills and add an additional revenue stream through the Feed-In Tariff (FIT) Scheme.


Ecolution provides the complete solar PV installation package with unparalleled quality and service. We pride ourselves on our knowledge and extensive experience within the sector, providing our client with a complete competitive in-house solution to meet their specific needs.

For more information or for a FREE solar PV quote contact our dedicated team today!


Ecolution provide solar PV remote monitoring and maintenance packages on an individual scale for private homeowners and commercial businesses as well as looking after larger contracts from an asset management point of view for housing associations and local authorities as well as facilities and estate management companies.

Our solar photovoltaic maintenance services help our clients optimise their systems to increase and track energy savings, maximise the lifespan of the system, reduce costly maintenance and repairs as well as assistance with large-scale asset management.


One of the benefits of having a solar photovoltaic system is receiving an additional income from the government Feed-In Tariff (FIT) Scheme. In order to do so, solar PV owners simply need to register their system with the electricity supplier of their choice (this doesn’t necessarily have to be the same as their general electricity supplier).

Here at Ecolution, we take away this hassle by providing customers with help signing up for Feed-In Tariff where we liaise with the energy supplier on our client’s behalf to register their solar PV system. Once registered, our sophisticated smart meters take remote meter readings and submit these to the energy provider, meaning no need for unnecessary meter reading visits. We then manage these Feed-in Tariff (FIT) payments to ensure the correct amounts are received on time for our clients. See our packages for more details and pricing.


Solar photovoltaic systems are a great renewable invest as they require minimal maintenance, and one of the best ways to ensure your system is always performing is through remote monitoring.

For many system owners, solar PV issues can often go unnoticed for months meaning unnecessary losses. At Ecolution we are able to remotely monitor solar photovoltaic generation performance 24/7 through the use of our smart generation meters.

Our sophisticated system cross-references client’s solar performance data with neighbouring systems and weather conditions to accurately flag up any performance issues or problems. This immediately alerts Ecolutions Energy Advisors as well as the client so that we can minimise any losses. Many issues can be fixed remotely or over the phone, however, if there is a need for a visit we do also provide solar PV call-out services (see below for more information).

With Ecolutions remote monitoring package clients also receive access to their own online solar PV portal, accessible via any browser. This displays live solar PV generation data enabling clients to easily track savings.

We have portals available for managing both individual properties and multiple properties perfect for Housing associations, Local authorities and Property maintenance companies who need to keep a track of all their solar PV asset in one convenient location.


Solar PV remote monitoring is the most efficient way to ensure your system is always performing however, they also require an annual service where a qualified engineer can carry out tests and visual inspections of the system to identify and rectify any general wear and tear before they turn into costly repairs.

At Ecolution our qualified and experienced in-house engineers carry out thorough solar PV servicing, which includes the following:

  • Check function of the solar photovoltaic system, including the inverter and generation meter
  • Review the function of all isolator switches and breakers
  • Perform electrical safety tests, including checking operation and isolation of the system
  • Visual inspection of all cables and connections, wherever possible, without roof access equipment
  • Check labelling is consistent with current regulation standards
  • Rectify any problems that are covered by warranty. Any faults that are not covered by warranty will require client approval of costs prior to rectifying any problems
  • Provide solar photovoltaic servicing maintenance document

As part of our solar PV maintenance packages, we also provide our clients with a quarterly generation report detailing their solar PV systems performance data, Feed-In Tariff income and savings.


Overtime solar panels are exposed to the outside weather conditions and can therefore naturally accumulate dirt and dusk which can reduce the efficiency of the PV panels affecting the amount of FREE electricity they produce.

In most cases, if solar panels are accurately designed they should self-clean, due to the installation angle and natural rainfall removing this dirt. However, if a property is located near areas where there is a lot of bird fouling or near the coast then it is likely that system owners will require solar panel cleaning services.

Ecolution provides solar panel cleaning services as part of our PV maintenance plan. For most standard homes roof access is not necessary as we have specialist extendible brushes however for larger commercial or flat roof systems roof access may need to be arranged.


Solar photovoltaic systems should generally require minimal maintenance and repair, however, there are circumstances that can occur when an urgent solar PV repair is required.

In this situation system, owners need a partner with the expert knowledge and experience to attend site promptly to quickly identify and rectify any issues, minimising system downtime and therefore reducing losses for the client.

Ecolution offers both reactive solar photovoltaic call-out repairs for both contract clients as well as on a one-off basis.




  • Smart generation meter
  • Portal
  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Flag alerts


  • Smart generation meter
  • Portal
  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Flag alerts
  • Feed-In Tariff (FIT) registration
  • Remote meter readings
  • Feed-In tariff payment management


  • Smart generation meter
  • Portal
  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Flag alerts
  • Feed-In Tariff (FIT) registration
  • Remote meter readings
  • Feed-In tariff payment management
  • Annual service / inspection


Ecolution Energy Services are well recognised and established specialist solar PV maintenance providers and as such as pride ourselves on our extensive knowledge and experience.

Whether it’s monitoring and maintenance for a private individual or whether its large-scale solar PV asset management, we are confident in our credentials that we can provide you with unmatched quality of service.

For more information on our solar panel maintenance or monitoring packages or for a reactive repair quote, contact a member of our team today.

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Looking for the perfect energy solution? Contact us today to discuss your energy plan.

Looking for the perfect energy solution? Contact us today to discuss your energy plan.