Solar Thermal

Solar Hot Water Systems also known as Solar Thermal Systems, use solar panels called collectors which are fitted to your roof. These collect heat from the sun and use it to heat up your water which is then stored in a hot water cylinder. In the situation where you have run out of hot water, you can use a regular boiler or immersion heater as a backup for when you want to increase the water temperature or to provide hot water when solar energy is not available.

When there are large numbers of these solar panels arranged appropriately it can provide heating as well as hot water to a property. A typical solar thermal system generates anything from 10 - 90% of your hot water and pays for itself after approximately 10 - 15 years.

Solar hot water systems should operate automatically without any interference, other than during recommended annual servicing and maintenance.


Ecolution are recognised nationwide solar thermal installers since 1999 within both the commercial and housing sector. Our solar hot water installations help our clients increase their properties efficiency, reduce electricity bills, combat fuel poverty, reduce their carbon footprint and meet building regulations.


There are many benefits to installing solar panels but here are a few of the top solar hot water benefits:


There are only a few renewable technologies that provide both a heating and hot water solution for a property. Solar Thermal systems are an all-in-one solution meaning no need to invest in two separate systems, saving time and money.


Solar hot water panels produce FREE heating and hot water meaning property owners can reduce their utility bills by utilising this FREE heating generated during daylight hours which will result in purchasing less from utility providers year on year.


Solar thermal panels are part of the UK Governments Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) scheme. There are two schemes that accommodate to both domestic and commercial properties. System owners received a quarterly payment for every kW of renewable heating/hot water they produce.


For builders or developer in the new build market, solar hot water systems are a great way to help meet SAP targets, energy reports, The Code for Sustainable Homes, BREEAM ratings, Part L and local planning requirements such as the London Plan.


Solar hot water systems generate a renewable source of heating and hot water for a property, meaning it doesn’t produce any harmful pollution. This renewable technology is a way that any property can help towards combating climate chance and protecting the environment by utilising natural sustainable resources.


Ecolution provides the complete solar thermal installation package with unparalleled quality and service. We pride ourselves on our knowledge and extensive experience within the sector, providing our client with a complete competitive in-house solution to meet their specific needs.

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Solar hot water systems require reasonably low maintenance, however it is still important to give your system the care that it deserves to keep it working smoothly and efficiently to ensure you an abundant supply of hot water for your home.

We not only provide maintenance and service contracts for your solar hot water systems but we also provide reactive call outs to attend emergency repairs for as well.

What’s included in the annual service for your Solar Thermal System

  • Visual inspection of all pipework, insulation, collectors and sensors.
  • Checks system hydraulic pressure.
  • Check the existing glycol for frost protect and re-fill with new glycol as required.
  • Re-charge solar expansion vessel pressure.
  • Check control setting and adjust if required.
  • Check flow rate and adjust if required.
  • Rectify any problems that are covered by warranty.
  • Faults / Materials that are not covered by warranty will require client’s approval of cost prior to rectifying.
  • Check yield performance.
  • Re-commission system.
  • Annual service certificate issued.
  • Provide service maintenance document.

Types of solar hot water systems we maintain?

Flat plate collectors
Flat plate collectors

Evacuated tube collectors
Evacuated tube collectors


With over 20 years of experience working with renewable energy you can rest assured that we have the knowledge and expertise to check your system thoroughly and efficiently.

So get in touch today to talk with one of our dedicated team member who will be happy to give you a FREE quote

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Looking for the perfect energy solution? Contact us today to discuss your energy plan.

Looking for the perfect energy solution? Contact us today to discuss your energy plan.