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Mechanical Extract Ventilation (MEV) systems provide ventilation to a property by extracting fresh air continuously at a low rate based on guidelines laid out in Building Regulations Part F. They incorporate a boost facility to extract pollutants at a higher rate as required. Replacement fresh air is introduced into each room via trickle ventilators and circulators. This system can be controlled both manually and automatically.

Mechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery (MVHR) systems provide both property ventilation and heating. It supplies & extracts air continuously at a low rate with boost facility to supply fresh outdoor air at a higher rate as required. At the same time, the fresh air from outside is pre-warmed, filtered and distributed in the ‘living areas’. The system runs continuously at a low speed and can be controlled both manually and automatically.


Ecolution are experienced UK mechanical ventilation installers for the residential and commercial sectors, from large scale new build plots to retrofitting existing private client’s homes and businesses.

Mechanical ventilation systems are becoming increasingly popular especially within the newbuild sector as a way of meeting tight building regulations but also for properties in built-up urban areas such as London where high levels of air pollution are a big concern.

MVHR is a great option for newbuild properties but they are only cost-effective if they are correctly specified and installed otherwise defects can quickly add up causing end users further issues. Over the years our maintenance division has been called out to repair badly installed systems or even replace whole systems all together where they have been incorrectly specified for the property size due to the contractor not having enough knowledge and experience. MVHR is a renewable technology and should, therefore, be designed, installed and maintained by renewable energy specialists to avoid costly time-consuming repairs which could have been avoided.


There are many benefits to installing MVHR as well as MEV but here are a few of the top mechanical ventilation benefits:


Both MVHR and MEV provide properties with a continuous flow of fresh air by extracting the stale air from inside the property replacing it with fresh outdoor air without the need for opening a window. Mechanical ventilation provides property owners with improved well-being by helping them sleep better at night as well as reducing the likely hood of picking up an illness as there is no stale humid air for bacteria to thrive in.


Mechanical ventilation systems like MEV and MVHR have various filters available including pollen and carbon filters which provide property owners with safer cleaner air. They are great for people with allergies, asthma etc. Mechanical ventilation systems also have a boost function to extract various odours within a property such as in the kitchen or bathroom areas.


Mechanical ventilation heat recovery systems have the additional benefit of recovering up to 95% of a properties natural heat which would have otherwise been lost. This keeps homes and businesses warm and ventilated without the need for turning up the heating, reducing heating bills year on year.


In any property mould can become a big issue, however, MEV or MVHR systems ensure a constant supply of fresh air throughout the property meaning no condensation build up or stale, damp air throughout the property preventing the risk of mould.


Unlike standard extractor fans MVHR and MEV systems are much quieter when in operation. Also with properties near busy roads or generally noisy areas just opening a window to get fresh air can cause discomfort for the residents, however with an MEV or MVHR system this would not be a problem as they can ensure fresh air into without the need to open a window.


Builders and developers have to meet strict airtight regulations for new build properties whilst also ensuring properties are effectively ventilated which is why both MEV and MVHR are ideal options for newbuild properties as it is much easier and cost-effective to install ventilation ducting within the walls and ceilings whilst the building is still being erected.


Mechanical ventilation heat recovery is a renewable heating method which reuses the natural heat resources to heat a property without producing harmful emissions. This renewable system is an efficient and effective way for any property to cut their carbon footprint and therefore protect the environment and help combat climate change.


Ecolution provides a complete MEV and MVHR installation service for both newbuild residential and commercial properties, as well as retrofitting existing properties. Our tailored mechanical ventilation installation services are designed to provide our clients with high-quality MEV and MVHR systems to suit their needs.

For our complete mechanical ventilation package, we work with our clients from design and specification through to supply, installation, commissioning, handover as well as maintenance and aftercare services available.

The handover and aftercare of any mechanical ventilation system installed by us are highly important as we want our end clients to utilise these MEV & MVHR systems for the entire lifetime of the unit. After installation, we provide each system with a complete O&M pack which includes all the systems details and information on best operation, maintenance and upgrade options recommended. Our experiences engineers run through the pack with the client including a system demonstration.

Having been long established within the industry, we have strong relationships with the leading manufacturers and suppliers of MEV and MVHR. This enables us to ensure our engineers are fully experienced and qualified through direct training with leading suppliers as well as enabling us to procure products quicker, easier and at competitive prices. We guarantee a high-quality MVHR and MEV installation to suit any client’s needs with unmatched customer service.


We would only recommend Mechanical ventilation installation for new build residential properties as the installation process requires putting
ducting throughout the walls and ceilings of a property. It is therefore much quicker, easier and cost effective to do this whilst the building is being erected compared to retrofitting an existing property as this would be a very invasive installation.

Newbuild properties have to meet strict airtight regulation which means that in most cases a mechanical ventilation system is required to ensure adequate airflow throughout a property. They are also becoming a necessary install in most large cities with high air pollution levels such as London.

Over our years of experience, our maintenance divisions are regularly attending call-outs to newbuild properties where tenants are advising their MVHR systems are not working. In most of these cases, we find that it’s due to the mechanical ventilation heat recovery systems either not being installed properly or being incorrectly specified. This can then lead to expensive repairs or replacement systems which could have been otherwise avoided. Which is why it’s so important to get it right the first time by choosing specialist mechanical ventilation installers you can trust rather than a general trade. Having this renewable system installed by a renewable specialist will minimise defects and ensure better customer satisfaction.

Ecolution have experience and understand the complex health and safety requirements of building sites which is why we can guarantee our engineers will work in accordance with both our own policies as well as our clients. We take full responsibility for our installation teams which is why all our engineers have CSCS and ECS cards as well as our supervisors being SMSTS qualified. We can guarantee quality control for all our clients due to our experienced in-house labour.


We install newbuild commercial MVHR and MEV systems for businesses, public buildings and the agricultural sector to help them improve their properties efficiency and become more sustainable.

One of the most important areas all businesses and public buildings look at is new ways of cutting costs and one of the most effective long-term solutions for a new build commercial building is through a mechanical ventilation heat recovery system (MVHR).

In most buildings whether it be an office, public building or barn, for example, heating bills can be really expensive but one way to get independence from rising energy bills is through alternative renewable technology methods which utilise natural resources FREE of charge. Which is why we highly recommend mechanical ventilation heat recovery systems for newbuild commercial buildings. This not only a great way to meet building regulations but it is also a great benefit for the end client.

No two MVHR systems for commercial properties are the same which is why we provide ourselves on our in-house technical design team who’s advance knowledge and experience ensures accurate specification and designs to guarantee a high quality, smooth mechanical ventilation install.


Ecolutions complete mechanical ventilation install packages for both MVHR and MEV systems guarantee unmatched quality and service. We pride ourselves on our specialist knowledge and extensive experience which is why we know we provide value for money when it comes to newbuild installations.

For more information on our installation services and for a FREE mechanical ventilation quote contact our team today!


Ecolution are mechanical ventilation maintenance specialists providing complete packages for any MVHR and MEV systems. Our maintenance options are available on an individual system basis for private homeowners and businesses as well as large contracts for multiple assets perfect for housing associations, local authorities as well as facility and estate management companies.

Our MEV and MVHR maintenance services are designed to ensure system optimisation as well as maximise our client’s savings and benefits year on year. With Ecolutions renewable maintenance packages, we aim to reduce costly repairs which could have otherwise been prevented as well as increase the lifespan on the unit itself.


The main mechanical ventilation issues that we have come across include:

  • One of the two fans isn’t working as it should or not working at all
  • Filters not being changed in accordance with manufacturers recommendations
  • Systems that have been sat in water or damp spaces
  • Systems that have been turned off or have stopped working for long periods of time
  • Not being serviced correctly

Mechanical ventilation systems are designed to extract properties of stale, damp air which as a result prevents and eradicates the build-up of mould. However, if these systems are not regularly maintained then they do the exact opposite. We have come across numerous MVHR and MEV systems that become infested with various types of mould, due to the above reasons causing a build-up of condensation within both the system unit and the ducting. This then goes undetected meaning both adults and children living in these properties being completely unaware that they have been exposed to breathing in mould spores.

In all of these cases, the systems have had to be replaced, as we cannot be completely satisfied that the mould wouldn’t return if we were to simply treat it. This is because the system and ducting have a large number of joins which would be virtually impossible to treat thoroughly.

This process of replacing any MVHR and MEV systems can be very costly and intrusive as in most cases it involves taking out sections of walls and ceilings within the property to replacing ducting.

To avoid any potential health concerns and the situation of a costly and time-consuming replacement, regular mechanical ventilation maintenance is necessary by qualified and experienced engineers.


Mechanical ventilation heat recovery servicing and maintenance is necessary to ensure the system optimisation and reduce the risk of emergency repairs.

Ecolutions MVHR servicing and maintenance plan involves one of our qualified and experienced engineers carrying out tests and inspections of the entire system enables us to identify and rectify any issues before they turn into bigger costly repairs.

Our mechanical ventilation heat recovery servicing and maintenance plan include the following:

  • Filter change in accordance with manufacturers guidelines
  • Heat exchanger cleaned
  • Motors tested for correct operation
  • Room diffusers cleaned
  • System balanced to design calculations/resident’s preferences
  • Rectify any problems covered by the warranty. Any faults outside the warranty will require client approval prior to rectifying
  • System re-commission
  • Provide MVHR servicing maintenance document
  • System demonstration with the resident on correct usage


It is necessary to have mechanical extract ventilation servicing and maintenance to ensure the system optimisation and reduce the risk of emergency repairs. We carry out test and inspections of the entire MEV system, identifying and rectifying any issues which could have otherwise gone unnoticed.

Our mechanical ventilation heat recovery servicing and maintenance plan include the following:

  • Filter change in accordance with manufacturers guidelines
  • Room diffusers cleaned
  • Check vent operation
  • Rectify any problems covered by the warranty. Any faults outside the warranty will require client approval prior to rectifying
  • Provide MVHR servicing maintenance document
  • System demonstration with the resident on correct usage


To avoid emergency repairs for MVHR and MEV regular maintenance is always recommended, however, if the circumstances occur where an urgent MEV or MVHR repair is required Ecolution provide renewable technology call-out services 24/7 throughout the year.

For any emergency repairs, it is important to have an established service partner, with expert knowledge and experience who can attend promptly to quickly identify and rectify any issue, in order to minimise system downtime for the client.

We offer reactive MEV and MVHR call-outs for existing planned maintenance customers as well as one-off repairs for non-contract clients.


Being established, MEV & MVHR maintenance providers, our dedicated maintenance division has a wealth of knowledge and experience.

Whether it’s an MEV or MVHR maintenance plan or just a reactive repair, we can cater for individual private systems through to large-scale mechanical ventilation asset management.

We’re confident in our credentials to provide unmatched quality of service. For more information on our mechanical ventilation maintenance packages or for a reactive repair quotation, contact our team today.


Improve air quality within a property by 91% by upgrading any existing MEV and MVHR system with carbon filters. Simply replace the existing ceiling vents with smart nitrogen dioxide filters and protect families from dangerous, harmful air pollution.

Carbon filters are a quick and easy to install solution which will dramatically improve indoor air quality especially for high air pollution in
urban cities like London.

These small yet powerful upgrades can remove harmful pollutants making any property a safer, more pleasant place to breath. Unlike a standard filter that requires annual / 6 monthly filter changes (dependant on manufacturer), carbon filters have a 2-year lifespan helping reduce maintenance costs year on year.

There are two smart carbon filtration solutions that offer flexibility and unrivalled performance:

  1. A powerful in-line carbon filter for ceiling voids that removes up to 91% of Nitrogen Dioxide from the air, the highest level available.
  2. A new and unique technology that combines a standard MVHR supply air valve with a powerful carbon filter, simplifying the design and installation of this life-saving technology.

Up to 40,000 deaths, each year are caused by exposure to air pollution from traffic fumes and industrial processes. Annual average NO2 level near busy roads frequently exceed 100 micrograms per cubic metre of air, far higher than the acceptable European average level of >40. Outdoor air quality has a direct impact on the air inside a property contributing to many health-related issues in the UK.

Contact our dedicated team today for more information on mechanical ventilation upgrades and a FREE carbon filter quotation.

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