Ecolution Energy Services are currently providing maintenance and servicing for the communal biomass system for Clarion Housing. Clarion is the largest housing association in the UK and they manage various properties around the country.

We first started work on this site in 2016 when Clarion Housing asked us to carry out a service on the communal system to ensure this was working as it should be for the residents. We then took on the annual contract to continue maintaining and providing a yearly service for the system.

The system used is a 4.5 tonne biomass which is used to provide heating and hot water for the communal building. However as with any renewable energy system there are requirements for annual servicing and maintenance to ensure your renewable systems are working and meeting current regulatory standards.

After carrying out the service for the communal building, as mentioned we then went on to provide Clarion with a contract for for annual servicing and maintenance to ensure the system continues to run efficiently. Knowing that Clarion Housing are all about improving the lives of their residents and the communities in which they lived it was essential that the system didn’t go to long without being serviced which is why an annual contract was proposed

Being able to provide this service on a early basis means we are able to manage the system efficiently and rectify any problems as and when they arise. As soon as this happens one of our engineers will then be able to attend to the properties to fix any issues.

We look forward to our continuous work with Clarion Housing and their partnering companies to help them to maintain and service their residents systems.