Brighton University Solar Thermal Installation Kent

What is Solar Thermal?

Solar Thermal systems provide hot water into properties by the transfer of solar heat into water cylinders via a heat transfer fluid. Solar Thermal panels on the roof of buildings have pipes within them that travel back to the cylinder on a flow and return loop. A pump station is installed on the flow side of the system with sensors placed in the cylinders and panels. When the sensor on the roof is displaying a greater temperature than that of the cylinder, the pump station runs glycol fluid (heat transfer fluid) through the panels collecting the solar heat and back to the cylinder until the two sensors are equal. Immersions and boilers are often installed alongside solar thermal systems to provide water heating to above 60 degrees for Legionella protection and for period of the year when the solar system is less effective (winter months). A controller is installed for timings to be programmed.

Why install Solar Thermal Systems?

A serviced and correctly installed solar thermal system can save tenants thousands of pounds off their gas/electric bills over the lifespan of the system. The system helps to combat fuel poverty and will provide most of the hot water throughout the hotter months of the year.

Solar Thermal Hot Water Installation Maintenance

EDINBURGH solar Thermal installation maintenance

Why maintain Solar Thermal Systems?

It is essential to maintain solar thermal systems annually to prevent breakdown and system failures. The glycol fluid should be topped up annually to maintain the heat transfer fluid’s freezing point (often minus 15 to minus 25 degrees). It is also essential to ensure the pump station is maintained for warranty purposes.

Ecolution’s specialist engineers provide both a planned preventative service regime as well as all year-round reactive call out services for solar thermal systems.

For more information regarding your Solar Thermal installations or to ask for assistance with maintenance please contact our sales team on 0330 324 7777.