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What is a Unvented Cylinder?

Unvented cylinders, also known as hot water storage tanks, are used for storing hot water that can be used to heat your property.

An unvented cylinder system is fed directly by the cold-water mains, meaning there is no need for a cold-water tank. Due to the mains water pressure that is being fed into the system, water pressure tends to be much higher, ultimately improving the performance of your bath and shower.

Why install an Unvented Cylinder?

  • Reduced utility bills – the cylinder system allows you to use hot water at the same price as mains cold water, meaning you get heating and hot water all year for less.

  • No risk of freezing pipes – because the water pipes are built into the loft there is extra insulation meaning there is less risk of them freezing during the colder months helping to avoid costly repairs.

  • Reduce your carbon footprint – hot water cylinders work alongside existing renewable technologies to help to further reduce your carbon footprint; ultimately helping to tackle climate change.

Hot water cylinders need to be regularly maintained and serviced to ensure they’re running both efficiently and safely. As well as this, most manufacturer warranties are only upheld if the technology is regularly maintained by qualified engineers.

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unvented cylinder installation

Why maintain an Unvented Cylinder?

Many manufacturers of Unvented Cylinders suggest that you have your water heater serviced once each year on an annual plan, and some home insurance policies require this. 

An annual maintenance plan from Ecolution will help to keep your Unvented Cylinder safe and in line with building regulations relating to hot water systems.